Gauteng, one of South Africa’s nine provinces, has a rich history shaped by the country’s extraordinary historical events. Much of the province’s heritage has been preserved over the years, and visitors have the opportunity to relive the past and gain more insight into the history behind some of the nation’s significant events, and personalities.

Gauteng’s City of Tshwane is South Africa’s administrative capital also known as, A City of Opportunities. People across the country come to Tshwane looking for opportunities but this province can also be a place of enjoyment, and its tourism sector this is one of the major contributors to South Africa’s GDP.

According to John du Raan owner of Karoo Cafe Restaurant, the Tourism sector is doing well ” its better than last year I think its flourishing”. The restaurant’s strategic location makes it a place of choice for local and international visitors. This and many more like it, make South Africans more confident about the future of South Africa. Tarryn says South Africa is a caring nation “its really about what we stand for UBUNTU (carrying for one another) it doesn’t  matter your culture we just somehow click, our love for music and our food”.

South Africa has a lot to offer, indeed it is the Rainbow Nation.