To our highly esteemed Director of LoveWorldSAT, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome

This is a message for you Pastor Ose, from the LoveWorldSAT staff members in South Africa, in Nigeria and the staff members from LoveWorldIndia.

Pastor through this great station, LoveWorldSAT, you have given us the opportunity to transmit life to the nations. You have taught us that through prayer, we have unlimited access to God’s call centre. You have made us master communicators, soul winners, and we are changing  lives.

Pastor, you have made us global champions impacting the nations with the investment of our personalities. We celebrate you Pastor, our mother and our boss. Thank you for making us a world class team.

The Lord gave the Word and great was the company that published it. Through our website, on social media and on our mobile apps, LoveWorldSAT is connecting the Word to the world. Thank you Pastor Ose for inspiring us and motivating us to reach the world and change lives.

Pastor your love has captured our hearts, your teaching has edited direction into our lives. We have been designed into the graphic image of Christ and our lives have been rendered beautifully.

We feed from your passion. Your zest and your excellence, inspire us to produce the very best for the Master.

Thank you Pastor Ose, we celebrate you today and we say Happy Birthday Pastor, we love you dearly.