South Sudanese gunmen  raided and took 2,000 head of livestock and kidnapped 108 children in Gambela’s Jakawa area of Ethiopia. The assailants who struck in this area which straddles the Ethiopian-South Sudanese border are not known to have any affiliations with either rebel fighters in South Sudan or government fighters. This region that is alongside a neighbouring province hosts more than 284,000 refugees from South Sudan who fled the conflict in the world’s youngest nation.

Gambella, a sparsely populated region of dense scrub and swamps bordering South Sudan, has long been marked by sporadic violence. The scale, organisation and brutality of last week’s attack had more in keeping with atrocities committed in South Sudan, where war has turned chronic underdevelopment into a humanitarian crisis.

On African Perspectives, our host Lawrence Mlotshwa and his guests TK Mughogho and Lukhanyiso Mpongoshe dig deeper into the causes and effects of the Gambella Massacre.

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