The Pastor Chris Live segment of the April Global Communion Service, featured the the Q&A session, with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome; joined on set this month by Rev. Tom Amenkhienan and Evang. (Dr.) Eddy Owase. As usual, the segment was very insightful, as Pastor gave Bible-based answers to the concerns of many.

See a synopses of the segment below:

Q: How can I build my faith when temptation comes my way?

A: You don’t have to wait till the day of temptation to build your faith. The Bible says “if you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small,” meaning you ought to already have built your faith. How do you build your faith? Through God’s Word — by studying the Word, meditating on it and doing the Word. Once you have done that, in the day of temptation, you would not need to build your faith. We listen with our ears, but we hear with our hearts. Receiving the Word into your spirit will increase your faith. Doing the Word will build (strengthen) your faith. Your faith gets strong through exercise.

Q: Is it true that sin cannot take one to hell?

A: Sin can take people to hell. That’s why Jesus came to die for the sins of men. Sin is anything that is inconsistent with the will, character and nature of God. When you come into Christ, you are expected to live in accordance with His Word and walk in love. If you do that, you would be walking in His righteousness.

Q: Is it true that a prayerless Christian is not a powerless Christian?

A: Power does not come from prayer. It comes from the Holy Spirit. However, prayer is important, because Jesus said we ought always to pray and not give up. It is a fellowship (communication) with the Heavenly. To refuse to pray is to walk in disobedience.

Q: Why do we need to fast and pray, since we have the life of God in us?

A: Fasting helps you maintain spiritual focus. When you fast, you stay away from food and other things that take your attention away from the spiritual things that matter to you at the moment. Fasting helps you maintain sensitivity of your human spirit. Fasting is spiritual exercise for spiritual men. Through fasting, your spirit gains the ascendancy over the flesh. Fasting is part of obedience to the Holy Spirit, because the Bible does not tell exactly when to fast; as such, we have to listen to the Holy Spirit to fast. As Christians, we fast when the Church (or local assembly) fasts and as the Spirit of God leads us personally. A Christian could also fast by choice.

Q: If a Christian is lukewarm, will they go to hell? Is this what Jesus meant by spewing out of His mouth in Revelations 3:16?

A: Lukewarmness means being active, neither hot nor cold and ineffective. This means disobedience to the Heavenly vision. A Christian who remains lukewarm to the end would go to hell. Revelations 3:15-22 reveals that the lukewarm Christian is the unprofitable servant. Matthew 25:30 says, concerning the unprofitable servant, that he or she would be cast into outer darkness.

Q: How can one stop thinking about death?

A: Replace your thoughts with the Word of God. Get a hold of the book ‘the Power of Your Mind’ for more information.

Q: Where is the place that Jesus said he was going to prepare for us in John 14:2-3?

A: The place He referred to was the right hand of the Father, where we are now. When He said He would receive us to Himself, He was referring to coming in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Q: Is it sound to say “may the soul rest in peace” concerning the dead?

A: It’s a voicing of hope. Those who say this refer to the person who is in the presence of God and his freedom from struggles as a result. However, if the person went to hell, there could be no rest for that one.

Q: What is the difference between having your loins girth about with truth, your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel and the sword of the Spirit?

A: Truth is the bigger word that encompasses what God has said concerning any person, thing, place or subject matter. The Gospel is the message of salvation, which is not the entirety of the message of God. It is a part of God’s truth. God is sending you with this message of salvation. The sword of the Spirit is combative. It is not the word stored in your spirit but the spoken word — the one you voice.