143854289174_img_9071_august_wamcsThe Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, at the Worship and Miracle Service, announced this month to be ‘the Month of Testimony’. Reading from several scriptures, particularly Hebrews 13:15, Hosea 14:2, Ecclesiastes 11:3, 1 John 5:9-12 and Revelations 12:9-11, the Man of God instructed the brethren to write down their testimonies each day and bear record (witness) with the Lord through their confessions to His name. A clip of the message – video – is at the end of this post.

Throughout this month, brethren are instructed to testify to the health of God in their bodies, His prosperity evident in all that their hands do, His Word at work in their lives and His glory evident through them. “As we release words of power, consistent with God’s Word concerning us, there is sure to be a filling up of the clouds and an outpouring into our lives.”

Describing the effusive atmosphere at the ‘Worship and Miracle Communion Service’ held yesterday, music minister, Chris Shalom said “The spirit of worship is in this place!” That spirit of worship brought with it miracles beyond human comprehension. Apart from the powerful ministration in music by Chris Shalom, the ‘BLW Worship Song of the Year’ writer, Eben, worshipper extraordinaire, Joe Praize, and several others turned the saints’ hearts to the Lord through worship. Reggae Gospel artiste, Buchi, was also present with ‘worship reggae’, singing “There is no other God who lives and never dies!” Experience some excerpts from the inspiring night in this featured video below:

As brethren worshiped and praised in an atmosphere thick with the tangibility of God’s presence, the Man of God, Pastor Chris interjected with inspiring teachings on the winning strategies of the Spirit. One of such teachings was taking from the Israelites’ siege of Jericho before eventually taking the city. Through the Spirit, the Man of God exposed thousands of attendees to an esoteric understanding of the strategy of the Spirit in shouts that bring the victory in the realm of the Spirit to physical manifestation. Be inspired by this video highlight, and remember to like, share and post your comments below.


Pastor Chris explained the importance of ‘the shout of a king’. Shouts of joy erupted throughout the congregation at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena and in virtually every continent of the world as the Man of God, Pastor Chris, shared secrets concerning the new creation who is filled with the Holy Ghost. Pastor differentiated between the one who has received the Holy Ghost and the one who has not, emphasizing the outburst of life revealed in shouts of victory that the former has. Be stirred in your spirit to let out cries of triumph as you watch the video clip below.
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“Send words into the realm of the Spirit,” Pastor Chris said! Reading from Ecclesiastes 11:3: “If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth…” The Man of God, Pastor Chris, in the video below, admonished the brethren to make deposits of God’s testimonies concerning them into the realm of the Spirit; Pastor said, “These words will be there waiting for you!” As the man of God expounded on the message of the month, he encouraged BLW citizens worldwide to avoid quietness, taking every opportunity alone (or even in the company of others) to bear witness with God’s Word concerning themselves.


Watch a Video Clip of the Teaching Below: