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Yookos Show

Navigating Yookos simply called Yookos, it’s fun and interactive. The show that talks about all things Yookos and the social media phenomenon. Bringing in expert guests that shed more light on all the Yookos features and how to navigate your way around. This jam packed show is presented by, Hlengiwe (Soula) Mdlalose and Panashe Maningi. We also talks about a very special Yookos project, ‘Yookos Classifieds’ which is the first of its kind in the entire world, a platform where users can interact to showcase their products and services with access to a variety of products and services. It’s...

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Living Springs with Pastor Marcel Obode

On this episode of, Living Springs with Pastor Marcel Obode, Pastor Marcel teaches on ‘The Effectual Christian Life.’ The Man of God begins by reading 1 Peter chapter 2 from verse 9 as he admonishes the congregants to show forth the praises of God everywhere. He continues by pointing out the importance of attending church services. Pastor further shares on his personal testimonies of his walk with God and living the effectual christian life. Be blessed as you watch the...

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Entertainment News

Entertainment News informs, educates and keeps you entertained, exclusively on LoveworldSAT just for you. We keep you in the loop on new music videos, new track releases, red carpet coverage, concerts and so much more, tastefully packaged in videos that are guaranteed to entertain. Don’t miss your weekly dose of entertainment news delivered to you, anywhere you are, every Sunday at...

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Master Physics

Physics is the study of science that deals with the nature and property of matter, energy, and the interaction between them. On the show Master Physics,Tumelo Bareki expatriates physic terminologies and breaks them down in layman terms. His love and enthusiasm about physics has drove him to help a lot of students pass physics, and inspired them to fall in love with the subject and education. This show follows the same pattern as Master Maths where students from various schools asks physics questions and Tumelo responds on the black board. Tune in every Wednesday by 5:30pm to...

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