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French 101 – Weather

French 101 is a reality french tutorial show the Presenter Tanya Kagnanine and teacher educates a student in the basic interactions of the French language. After the interaction the person she interacted with gives an opinion on how she or he thought the student did. Tanya eventually does her own review after her observation by telling the student what he or she did wrong or should have done right. This is very interactive program as throughout the entire episode viewers are expected to have a pen and notebook with them to take down some French words. Watch this episode...

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My Garage Show

A show designed for car lovers and car owners. Happiness takes us into a real Motor Work Repair Shop that belongs to Max where he helps Max and the senior mechanic to fix any mechanical issue of the car that is being worked on, explaining in detail as the car is being fixed. The auto repair shop services cars, fix brakes, cylinder heads, suspensions, clutches, cv joints, shocks, gear boxes, engine repairs, and even general repairs. They talk about everything cars. General information is given about the car being...

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Master Maths

Master Maths is a maths revision tutorial show hosted by Thabo Mashego who says he developed a keen interest in Maths as he was growing up. He was disturbed by how learners were doing so poorly in maths, and since then has devoted himself to teaching maths in a fun way so that learners could easily learn and excel in the subject. Three students or in group of students at their respective schools ask Thabo questions which he systematically breaks down and solves on a black board. It’s a show for every student, students struggling in Maths or Math...

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Class 101 – English Class

Class 101 is a program that brings the classroom to your living room. It’s learning at your convenience. We bring you real teachers, teaching real students real subjects, in a real classroom. On this episode we take you to an English Classroom where the subject of the lesson is Poetry. In a very fun learning manner the teacher shows the learners how to study poems and how they can enjoy poetry they study. Learn all you need to know about poetry in this...

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Africa Speaks – Free Wifi In South Africa

In this very informative episode of Africa Speaks our Presenter Linkford Mathambo, takes you through the recent development project in South Africa of Free Wifi. Take a look at how free wifi can benefit the society and see us visit some free wifi areas in Johannesburg. What is the aim with the free wifi you may ask, watch this episode to find...

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