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Worship and Miracle Communion Service

  The LoveWorld Convocation Arena and several auditoria throughout the world were packed out with worshippers, full of expectations for the miraculous. Thousands ministered to the Lord, singing with gratitude and expectation for the miraculous. There were inspiring ministrations from BLW artistes, Sinach, Eben, T-Sharp, Sophia, Joe Praise and more. With hands lifted high, those with different ailments or sicknesses in their bodies turned their hearts to Jesus, the beginner and perfecter of their faith, and they were not disappointed. Pastor Chris told the eager congregants, “If you need any miracle, you don’t need to ask God; just receive!” From...

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Announcing: Worship and Miracle Communion Service with Pastor Chris

Once again, our Global Communion Service will be holding on the 7th of June, 2015. This time it is tagged: June Worship and Miracle Communion Service with Pastor Chris. It will include as always the Global Classroom, the Q&A segment and all you have witnessed, but it is a special service for Worship and there would be Miracles, everywhere the service is being witnessed. As always, you can follow the service Live on or listen on LoveWorldSAT Radio. Please remember to leave your comments. God Bless...

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Check out Our Achievements in 2015

LoveWorldSAT is on a perpetual triumphant parade as declared for us for the year 2015 by our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD. We are forever grateful to our Partners from around the world who made this possible by relentlessly supporting us with prayers, watching the station and especially financially. It is our hope that after you peruse through our achievements so far, you will be enlightened as to the impact our station is making and this is just the beginning....

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Beautiful Faces Premiere

The first episode of Beautiful Faces has premiered on LoveWorldSAT. This first episode teaches on the basics of skin care, and features two skin care therapists – Sonette and Mia. They share on the the importance of regular skin care routines for your face, and how the use of various products can help improve your skin. Apparently, there are beauty products for the day and also for the night times; as well as the different for different skin types. For many people skin care routines seem onerous and time consuming; Sonette teaches us how we can achieve a good skin care...

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Report – The Holy Land Tour With Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D, led a one-week Tour of the Holy Land. The Man of God, Pastor Chris, was joined by Pastors and leaders from across the BLW Nation’s expansive reach throughout the earth for a highly-coveted tour of the holy land, Israel. In the words of Pastor Lanre Alabi, the tour, being a first of its kind, is coming at the perfect time, “not a moment too late and not a moment too soon.” As the Man of God visits historic landmarks such as the sea of Galilea, everyone privileged to be there with him gains a more vivid...

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Healing School Summer Session


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