The European Union is ready to address key British concerns over Northern Ireland, the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said on Tuesday, in a clear push to get a Brexit deal effectively done in the next month.Speaking on the eve of an EU summit in Salzburg, Austria, where British Prime Minister Theresa May will brief fellow leaders before they huddle on Thursday to agree on how to play what they hope will be the end-game with London, Barnier called the next summit, in Brussels on Oct. 18, the “moment of truth”.The thorniest issue remaining is how to avoid a disruptive post-Brexit “hard border” for troubled Northern Ireland on the United Kingdom’s only land border with the EU. May says it will not happen because over the next couple of years, Brussels and London will work out a deal to ensure seamless UK-EU trade.But EU member Ireland and the rest of the EU have demanded a “backstop” guarantee that if that happens, then Northern Ireland would have a special status — effectively remaining inside the EU economic space, but at the cost of new differences with the British mainland, which both May and her vital parliamentary allies from the province say threaten British sovereignty.Expanding on comments he has been making for some weeks, Barnier told reporters after briefing EU ministers on Tuesday, that he was reworking his proposals to make clear how, in the event the “insurance policy” were ever activated, it would not create a physical customs border on the Irish Sea but operate by checks on goods along the Britain-Northern Ireland route.