Happy belated Women’s Day to all phenomenal women out there. The month of August is women’s month in South Africa and on this episode of Spirit of the Law, we are celebrating a phenomenal woman in the legal fraternity; Mrs. Katlego Ralikhuvhana – our special guest, is an exceptional young woman, with an impeccable resume.

On the show today, she discusses with us on how she got to where she is, and overcame the tides in her journey. She is a wife, a mother, and an attorney, and she talks about how she balances her legal career with her life.

Katlego talks about the challenges she has encountered, and how she dealt with them, and why it is so important to have female lawyers. She elaborates what perceptions people have of ladies in the legal fraternity, in regards to people still being primitive and regarding it as a man’s world. She goes on to talk about who inspired her to choose the profession, and some of the cases she has handled.

“I believe every woman is a phenomenal woman, even if what you do is stay at home.”

Please drop your comments and tell us why women are phenomenal, we would love to hear from you. It’s Women’s month!