LoveWorldSAT has had a major impact on lives all over the world, and in so many ways. Our reach has been facilitated by our Partners all over the world, to whom we and our viewers are eternally grateful. Our impact has touched so many lives, and countless testimonies and messages intimate us with such supernatural happenings daily.

The LoveWorldSAT Partners Live show is a weekly packaged program that allows our Partners who are guests on the show to share with our viewers their inspiration, why they partner with LoveWorldSAT, the impacts of this partnership in their lives, and testimonies from their experience. Apart from it being an avenue to celebrate out Partners, we also share testimonies from our viewers and respondents, as well as inspiration and prayers for our Partners and viewers. Wholesome and heart-lifting music is also a regular feature of the shows.

In this episode, a couple and LoveWorldSAT Partners, Deacon Patrick & Sister Rebone Maphutha talk about their partnership and encourage us to be involved also and join to reap the benefits of Partnership. Deacon Patrick spoke about how he has not been to Asia, but has affected lives in Asia and the world over through his partnership. Watch the short version of the video below, or visit the LoveWorld Partners’ Live Show Blog for the full video.