In this episode of LoveWorldSAT Partners’ Live Show, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome speaks to the partners of LoveWorldSAT, Sis Thandazo Adeshoye and Sis Refiloe Gaofetoge.

Sis Thandazo Adeshoye gives us her testimony of how when she was watching Pastor Chris Teaching on LoveWorldSAT, she did a voice recording of Pastor Chris when he was praying for people who had cancer, and she sent the voice recording to her aunt who was in Swaziland, who was diagnosed with cancer. A few weeks after, the aunt called her telling her that, after she had sent the prayer, she felt a burning sensation in her body, and something said ’’Stand up and start praying’’ she started praying. She then went to the labs to get retested, and now testifies that she is cancer free.

Sis Refiloe Gaofetoge said ”She became a partner of LoveWorldSAT because she wanted to join the man of God Pastor Chris to propagate the gospel throughout the world.” She also said that through partnering with Pastor Chris, she was connecting herself to the grace upon Pastor Chris and that through this grace, she will never be small, she will never be defeated, she will never be discouraged in her life, but that she will win all the time.