In this episode of Going Places, after travelling throughout a misty and foggy night from Durban along the Wild Coast parallel to the Indian Ocean the driver missed the N2 (on/off ramp) along the Wild Coast, which took the crew to some remote township in the Eastern Cape – a place called Bizana on the R61 road. Upon arrival at 4:30am in the biting cold of the early hours of the morning the crew had to patiently wait for sunrise before they could explore.

Bizana is an area characterized by abject poverty. There is no specific industry to talk about, that thrives in that area. Most people survive through vending. The crew visited a nearby secondary school, where they met and interviewed the principle to obtain information pertaining to the history of Bizana. The principal of Bizana Secondary School, attested to the fact that the school lies in poverty stricken Pondoland District of the Eastern Cape which gave birth to liberation icon Oliver Reginald Tambo, the South African anti-apartheid politician and revolutionary, who served as the president of the African National Congress from 1967 to 1991. Oliver Reginald Tambo was born in a nearby village called Nkantolo – a small town located between the boarders of KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape. It has a mixture of Zulus and Xhosa speaking tribe known as amaMpondomise. Although the school is located in a very under developed district and has serious shortage of textbooks and yet without a library, still produces excellent results and is responsible for birthing many professionals such as teachers, doctors, policemen, nurses and chief executive officers of several big organizations. The school has the highest enrolment of 1660 students. Going Places also learnt that during the apartheid era bursaries had segregating chapters classifying learners as European, non-European, Indian, Coloured and Black. Certain courses were only available in Afrikaans thereby barring non-Afrikaans speaking people access to them. 

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