In this episode of “Crushin The Pressure” our host Keitumetse Tshwabi and her “A” Team David Allily, Rulani Madavhe, Lekunutu Pitso and Vanessa Allily crush the pressures of setting new year goals and not breaking them.

Every year, millions of people around the world make New Year’s resolutions and goals, and every year, the great majority of us break and abandon those resolutions. Self-control and focus is a major challenge to some, so failure to maintain our resolutions is not surprising. But is it inevitable? Is there anything we can do to make it more likely that we stick to our resolutions and goals? Watch the first video below to learn how to achieve the goals you set for the year:

In the second part, Keitumetse reads a scripture from Proverbs 16:3, “Share your plans with the Lord, and you will succeed.” She advises the viewers to commit to the Lord, she says, “Do not take Spiritual guidance lightly, do not take prayer, fasting, and meditating on the Word lightly. Prayer, fasting and meditating on the Word are very important in one’s life.” Watch the second video: