High Definition is an autobiographical TV show, where we interview people who have broken grounds, and changed their worlds. They get to tell their success stories in detail, from their childhood to where they are now.

In this episode of High Definition we interview Fikile Mekgoe, Founding Director at Fikile Mekgoe Foundation and the first black Mrs South Africa. Fikile is a Christian, an Inspirational Speaker, Preacher, Life Coach, Marriage Activist, Philanthropist, QA Analyst, Writer, Sister, Daughter, Business woman, Lifter of People, and most importantly she is a wife to a loving and supportive Husband. She is also the first black woman to win the 12 year old pageant, which honors women who are married and successful in their careers or businesses.

In the first part of the video, Fikile shares with us more about herself:


In this second video, Fikile shares with us how Fikile Mekgoe Foundation started. Quoting her: “Your life is only beginning. Refuse to be discouraged by what you see. Refuse to judge your life by where you are right now. Remember that what you see is subject to change.  Stop believing in your limitations Believe in God He is Bigger than yourself, your family and even your country. Believe that you are God’s child and therefore you can do anything. Always remember that, “Everyone has the power for greatness – not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”

Watch the concluding video to see what more Fikile has to say about herself: