Join our road weary crew, after driving all night for several ours, as they explore the majestic Indian Ocean beachfront, from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. 

Moving along the beachfront we had the opportunity to speak to locals who included students from Fort Hare University. We learnt here that most houses in the rural areas of the eastern cape are painted green because it is such a common trend that is complimented by the fact that the paint is easily affordable. After having learnt in the previous episode that East London was part of Ciskei, the justification of the colonial past division of the country into segregated states, it was time for the presenter to be taken through some lessons on how to speak some fluent Xhosa – the local language.

We also discovered that the beachfront was full of activities, which involved traders from different parts of Southern Africa and beyond, who specialized in selling curios, arts and crafts to locals and tourists. It was very interesting to hear the stories of how they came to be in East London and doing what they call an honest means of living. The traders came from as far as Tanzania, Malawi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, etc.

After acquainting ourselves with their incredible cultures, the episode wraps up as it prepares to continue with its journey to nowhere, along the wild coast as they are headed to Port Elizabeth, still using the old school map reading method.   

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