On this very exciting episode of Spirit of the Law live from Johannesburg, South Africa. Monique Jefferson and Andrew Leon Goldberg expertly discuss and tackle issues regarding employees’ rights, based on the questions we have received from our viewers. Monique and Andrew are Labour Law giants in South Africa.

The following was discussed:

a. The Right to Education; 

b. The Right to leave or sick leave; and 

c. The Right to be paid for work done.

The primary question is whether these are rights to which employees are entitled to by law and if yes, how can they enforce it.

The right to education while employed: is this even a right or is it a privilege? How does our law protect this right? Is every employee that is studying entitled to study leave by law?

Still on the right to education: 

Can an employer deprive the employee of study leave because the employer wants the employee to work extra hours or take on more work outside the scope of his or her duties?

The right to leave or sick leave (one of the most abused rights): what is this right?

What constitutes a sick leave? Is it an abuse of the Basics of Employment if an employee is denied the right to leave or sick leave? How many days is an employee entitled to leave or sick leave?

The right to be paid for work done: What is this right? Which Act makes provision for it? Must payment commensurate work done?  

What are the mechanisms of having the first two rights enforced by law, that is right to study leave and sick leave?

Kindly drop your comments in the box below if you are an employee that has been treated unfairly, and you would like to share your experience with us. Also drop your questions, and voice your opinions, and we will get right back to you.