We continue with last week’s episode, where we interviewed Jorge Dos Santos, CEO of Transmine, who defined Mechanical Engineering as the discipline that applies the principles of engineering, physics, and materials science for the design, analysis, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. We continue on this episode looking at the Mechanical Engineering profession.

The episode starts with the host – Denni Oshea – speaking with Joao dos Santos, and asking about how they get to meet their targets and requests. Joao speaks about the planning and project management as key factors in their business success. Joao also responds to Dennis’ question about the government creating an enabling environment, by saying that they deal with the mines, and not with Government, but that what they do plays an important role in the achievement of the National Development Plan. He also explains various areas of engineering, and their importance, referring to Robotics, and Medical Engineering, and how it is all-encompassing.

“I have always enjoyed innovation, and seeing a product from raw materials to finished products… as a kid, I took apart everything, wanting to know how it works… and I am still doing it.”

In concluding the show, Joao dos Santos takes Dennis on a tour of the factory, and explains the production process from design, to materials procurement, to the production of the parts and pieces. We also encounter Design engineers, machine operators, and quality control workers. We also see a few mechanical parts that are a result of the production process, made from various materials that include plastic, iron/steel, aluminum, and brass.