By divine ordinance, the April 2018 Global Communion Service coincided with the day set aside throughout the world to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter. From the Christ Embassy Randburg 2 auditorium, the special service, filled with prayers, worship and the Word is being beamed throughout the world via satellite television and the Internet.

Should Christians Celebrate Easter?

“Christ is our passover,” the BLW President reminded the congregation, highlighting the true meaning of Easter.

Upon taking the stage, the man of God, Pastor Chris, began to answer the question, “should Christians celebrate Easter?” Distinguishing between two passovers described in scripture — the passover of the Jews and the passover of the Christian — Pastor Chris explained that, though Easter may have started as a pagan holiday, the collective decision of the Church to take the Jewish passover season as a time to commemorate our passover in Christ is honored of God.


“[This month], you will be a vent for the wisdom of God,” Pastor Chris says by prophetic insight. 

Congregants in thousands of viewing centers and homes embraced deep revelations of the Word, as Pastor Chris reviewed the meaning of Easter with esteemed guests during the April 2018 Global Service. After members of the body of Christ in various continents kicked the month of with communion, the BLW President announced the prophetic word for April 2018, calling it ‘the Month of Influence‘!

We will only be influenced by the Holy Spirit and the Word of the Lord, but each one of us will be an influencer,” Pastor Chris began to say in a strong prophetic ministration concerning everyone present. The man of God continued, saying “the wisdom of God’s Spirit is going to be made manifest in your life everywhere you go…you will be a vent for the wisdom of God.”

It’s time to walk in confident assurance, knowing that, in this very special month, “God is going to use you…to change lives, to alter destinies, to do remarkable things; you will be an influencer for God.” Get ready to testify of God’s wisdom flowing through you in divine counsel that confounds the world.