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Talking Solutions – 2016 FALA Award Winners

TALKING SOLUTIONS is a program that brings you scriptural solutions right at your table, we focus on issues affecting individuals as well as the society as a whole and we bring solutions to those issues. We provide lasting solutions to any issue at hand. It’s interactive with solutions coming from all possible angles but mostly from the unchanging and unfailing word of God. In this episode of Talking Solutions, we spoke about FALA – The Future Africa Leaders Awards, an initiative aimed at exploring and expanding the leadership potentials in Africa and for Africa, by identifying, celebrating and supporting...

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Spotlight on the Legacy of Oliver Tambo

Oliver Tambo was a South African anti-apartheid struggle icon and a revolutionary who served as President of the African National Congress (ANC) from 1967 to 1991. As South Africans continue to remember his legacy and political teachings, our reporter Innocent Semosa spoke to his Son Dali Tambo to learn more about the man popularly called OR Tambo and filed this report. Oliver Reginald Tambo was born in the village of Ketellina in the Mpodolands Qaweni on the 27th of October 1917 and passed on at the age of 75. “South Africa will be transferred to a country of all South Africans of all racist it is inescapable” Oliver Tambo said in 1989. Known for his attributes and achievements Oliver Tambo would be turning 99 years old this year, he played a role in South African democracy including the inclusive of the bill of rights in our now celebrated constitution. LoveWorld News had an opportunity to speak to Oliver Tambo’s son Dali Tambo in remembrance of his fathers legacy. He said, “Tambo leaved a life of commitment and integrity that aroused from his early Christian teachings and the rural environment in which he grew up”. He said his father was religious and loved music and sheared one of his fondest moment with his father. Dali Tambo said “without ANC, South Africa is in Big trouble without a united effective powerful...

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The Growth of Township Tourism In South Africa

As the effects of a global recession continues to reverberate around the world, the Township tourism industry in South Africa is attempting to reverse the impact of the crisis. South Africa gets an average of one million visitors every year and there is a 10% rise in the number of tourists visiting the country. LoveWorld News, Innocent Semosa went to a tourist site in Pretoria to find out more. South Africa is a country with high potential in the tourism industry. The 2010 FIFA World Cup made it possible for this sector to even gain more prospects and flourish. Memelodi lays 15 minutes outside Pretoria, unemployment close to 40 percent and high crime levels it is one of the first townships in the capital city of South Africa with the population estimated 334. Township tourism is a fast growing segment of the tourism industry Easy Events and Tours provide township tourism, the main objective is to develop the economy of Mamelodi by providing employment to young graduates. Easy Events and Tours MD Dimakatso says tourism is the key in creating jobs “A lot of young people don’t have jobs they go to school and graduate and then at the end of the day they will be at home not working” Tourism takes a centre stage in...

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Use of Green Echo Energy Power in South Africa

Africa is a continent full of natural resources, but the sun – is still underutilized. The energy crisis in South Africa has prompted more people to harvest solar power for electricity. Our Reporter Innocent Semosa spoke to Darlington Ubek MD of Green Echo Energy on the use of solar power for power generation and filed a report. Green Echo Energy is a Branson Centre renewable energy company They focus on building platforms and connect commercial businesses and residential homeowners the power to control energy. “Basically what we do is we provide alternative energy using solar systems or solar panels...

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Africa’s First Solar Powered Airport Goes Into Operation

George Airport in South Africa may look like another airport in the world. But what sets it apart, is the use of solar to power its facilities. George airport is the second solar powered airport in the world after Cochin airport in India and the first in Africa. Located midway between Capetown and Port Elizabeth, the airport operates from its 2,000 solar panels that produce up to 750 Kw a day, surpassing the 450 Kw needed to run the hub. The solar facility cost about $1.2 million to build and so far, the hub has reduced its carbon dioxide...

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