After a monumental Worship and Communion Service, during the first visit of our Man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome to the Nation of Zimbabwe, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa the Zonal Pastor, and some of the brethren of Christ Embassy Belvedere hosted the BLW President in an august visit at the Zonal Church, of Christ Embassy Southern Africa Zone 5.

The man of God toured the facility, including a section dubbed ‘the Pastor Chris Office’, constructed and surnamed in faith a few years ago, as well as an adjoining plot of land also code-named ‘the Healing School’ by the Zonal Pastor and brethren, in faith. The esteemed Zonal Pastor could not hold back the tears while the man of God stood in the church facility, which he described as “larger than [he] thought”.

Just a few years ago, the entire cell group that would become Christ Embassy Southern Africa Zone 5 was less than 50 members put together. In a remarkable testimony to the efficacy of God’s Word, without respect for location, the cell is now a zone with thousands of members, hosting a Worship and Communion Service with over 75,000 people present with the BLW President. Pastor Ruth Musarurwa was unable to hold back tears as she witnessed this wonderful occasion.