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id name surname phone email date_of_birth address motivation
id name surname phone email date_of_birth address motivation
1 Emmanuel Manzambi 2147483647 2000-04-11 256 7th avenue, bez valley Good Day My name is Emmanuel Manzambi, I matriculated in 2018 and I was unable to go to university/college this year due to finances. My mom fell sick in the year 2014 and was unable to work till present date.My dad is self employed and was doing business but business came quiet over the years. This has taken a strain on my parents finances and because of that this ,that is the very same reason why I am unable to continue studying further. I am the only boy out of 5 (kids) and my biggest wish is to be granted the opportunity to further my studies. I tried looking for a job,but jobs are really scarce these days and it would mean the absolute world to me if I am one of the recipients of one of the 3 bursaries that will be awarded. Thank you for this opportunity,God bless you.
2 Stewart khumbanyiwa 739459674 2019-07-01 901 vsn lennep street, pretoria The life we live and created for has no rewind button so be the best you can be not for yourself but whole lot who looks at you and are inspired to achieve more too. Dream Big
3 Evah Tsele 616435677 1989-12-16 11-41th Avenue Alexandra Township 2090 Dear Recruiter My name is Evah Tsele,born and breed in Alexandra Township, I am 29 years of age,My Cellphone numbers are 0729112457,Email address is ,I am a mother of two kids(Atlehang Reneilwe),I heard about your bursary fund on the internet(Facebook and twitter) , I am a positive Driven and enthusiastic candidate interested on your bursary fund ,I believe that my personality will make me a suitable candidate for funding me, as I am a keen learner, which is why I decided to apply and be one of the candidates who gets the bursary My work experience has not been vast but am eager to study and apply myself in the school environment, from my previous work experience I have gained immense amount of pervasive skills which I will translate them into long term value in my future, I would love to study Diploma in Human Resource Management, The Boston City Campus that am close to is at Orange Groove (Louis Botha The Bursery fund can assist me with finance as I want to further my studies and make my kids to be proud of their mom .What makes me different is that ,I am well-spoken candidate, and the key strength I have gained thus far are professionalism, if I get the opportunity the get the funds I will study hard and make sure that you don’t regret giving me the opportunity to study and make my dream come true Thank you in advance for taking your time to read my letter and would appreciate if you can secure a interview
4 Eyole mbai Sepherine 674958738 2019-07-03 Cameroon Limbe Getting a certificate so that i can achieve higher goals
5 Anointing Opara 744187816 1994-03-30 31 Praia crescent cosmo City Roodepoort Good day Loveworldsat, My names is Anointing Opara I will to use this opportunity to express my intension of study , Firstly , l”m an entrepreneur if i obtain the bursary to study at Boston media house I show appreciation by volunteering at the Loveworldsat studio for a months either as a presenter, photographer or video editor. Thanks
6 George Sibanda 817254234 2019-07-03 15 Burkina Faso Street I believe education is the key to changing our world as a nation, and this is my bold step to take advantage of this opportunity, and become A key part of the change our tomorrow needs. As the youth, we are the future of tomorrow, and ignorance is the cause of most issues we have in the nation today. The first step to changing our nation is education, one step at a time. Granted this opportunity, I am ready to take my step to education, and as a result, I will make sure my opportunity creates more opportunity for others as well. Thank you
7 Thandokazi Joni 719077148 1996-08-16 NO34 Zone 24 Langa i am 22 year old ambitious female who is prepared to achieve my desired goals. i am a hard worker, self-motivated ,goal-oriented individual who is always looking for a challenge to enhance my skills and knowledge.
8 Simangaliso Nyandeni 789010758 1995-09-15 68- 10 Avenue, Alexandra Johannesburg 2090 Good day. My name is Simangaliso Nyandeni. I would kindly appreciate you to receive my motivational letter for this bursary, explaining why I should be considered as a best candidate: “Boston city campus is a multi- award winning tertiary institution that has been around for over twenty five years and has acquired the reputation of not just educating students in their career paths but educating them for real life.” This is a holistic idea that inspired me to enter this competition and enrol to study a higher certificate in marketing practice at Boston. This certificate is essential for me to better understand my career path and it will be a key driver of my growth, performance, prosperity and competitiveness, more especially to succeed in today’ s global economy and help me to stay and progress in the labour market for a long period. This higher certificate will assist and grant me an opportunity; to operate effectively in the workplace using a number of windows based end – user applications, apply general marketing principles to real life situations, manage media and technology resources in organisations, demonstrate marketing or business communication and brand management skills, demonstrate entrepreneurial skills and identify the socio- legal implications of media law within the society and display cultural sensitivity with its application. My objective with this qualification is more likely to be able to share knowledge with my community and use it as a tool to foster sustainable development through upliftment and change. Again through my set of skills gathered from this course, I will be able to get a well- paying job and access better opportunities for promotion and raises within the workplace or my career path and be independent with a much higher standard of living, with greater admission to housing and healthcare to mention a few, as a direct result of increased earning with some sense of social and financial security. Therefore considering the major issue of youth unemployment rate increasing more often, seeking for a job it is not my only option. I will definitely look into other possibilities such as entrepreneurship, learnership and internship. I will implement the skills that I developed while studying my certificate to keep on advancing in life. Furthermore I am also involved in doing some community work through my organisation called Smangaliso Nyandeni International, which aims to address social ills through education and entrepreneurship, while on that case last year on the 21st of July, I was privileged to host a group of learners for a youth career expo in Alexandra Township. As a leader and motivational speaker, every year I continue to mentor high school students by providing them the strategies to overcome psychological and social issues that could prevent them to progress in their studies. I like to express my gratitude to Boston and Crushing the pressure for granting us this amazing opportunity to advance our lives through education. Thank you.
9 Vukosi Hlungwani 784885171 22 Power Park, Orlando East, Soweto,1818 22 Power Park, Orlando East, Soweto,1818 My name is Vukosi Hlungwani I am applying for the bursary to further my education in Boston. I was raised by a single parent of 5 and I am number three in the family, my mother is not unemployed she only sells snacks at the taxi rank and my elders are also not working thus they cannot assist me financially to study in a University or college . I want to study so I can be more marketable for employment and to support my family . I will need knowledge in how to run a business . the bursary can help me achieve and win to help others.
10 Tshepiso Letseli 789073955 2019-07-07 4554 New Location Bohlokong Bethlehem 9701 If I get this bursary it will help me finish my studies. Am a current Financial Accounting student who is currently not going to school to finish my two modules because of lack of finances. I will be the first to graduate in my family. I plan on working my way to be a CA and make my parents proud of me.
11 Thabo Djoye 844020388 2019-07-08 Ak 2743, Rammulotsi, Viljoenskroon, 9520 I want to inform you that I am interested to receive bursary funds to fulfill my educational needs. I request you to consider me as a suitable candidate for receiving bursary aid. I promise you that I shall meet the expectations of the institution. With my hard work and dedication, I shall put in all effort to excel in the field of education. I will ensure to bring laurels to our college. With your help I will be finishing my education and will become eligible to apply for a suitable position in a company or organization. In this way I will be in a better position to support my family. You will be doing a great favour to my family as they cannot afford my college fees. I hope to receive a positive response from you Yours Sincerely,
12 Albert Makoeng 718852526 1983-03-03 525 West Avenue, Ferndale I am Senior Executive for a Media Company and would love to expand my expertise in digital marketing and business Studies. I believe Boston has differentiated themselves in the market in terms of their offering & would like to experience how they deliver their courses. I have an NMP from Henly Business School & MAP from Wits Business School and would like to add to add more on what I have already obtained Regards Albert Makoeng
13 Dayson Tshilamulele 748765612 1998-10-13 Diepsloot ext 12 U584 congo street I apply last year 2018 to study at BOSTON City college , I was approved but due to money could not enroll. My dreams was to study there and get my qualification ,so than i can open christen radio station allover the world and Television station which will bring billions of people into Christ, program children from a young age in being the best they can be, the radio station will not only be transforming life but also changing the world in what God want it to be. All this will be done by playing powerful messages from pastors and everyone under the influence of the holy spirit. The production will be lead by the holy ghost . The production will be encouraging people allover the world to give to the needy . It will be teaching people how to create businesses ,use they faith,the name above every name and how to help other people who are below they level. it will also give away bursaries as most people do not have enough money to further they studies mostly in Africa. I would do my level best to achieve all this i believe and know that all things are possibles, and God is never late. i believe that this bursaries is here to assistance and would be very grateful not only me but everyone who will be helped by the production (radio station and television station ) that i will bring to this world after i get my degree from Boston city college
14 Jaedon Deolen Reddy 834074182 2000-08-04 90 Theda Oaks, 16 Sunny Road, Lakefield, Benoni I completed matric (Grade12) in December 2018, my mum cannot afford the exorbitant fees. In the interim I have been searching for jobs, but with no tertiary education and work experience, I am finding it difficult to find employment. I am really eager and interested to study Human Resources Management as it plays a crucial role in every company as it manages the numerous needs of the companies employees. If I receive this Bursary from Boston , it will give me the opportunity to study and this will ultimately open up doors for me to pursue a career in something I am interested in. I promise to be dedicated and to also work extremely hard to meet the expectations of Boston. This bursary will allow me to gain tertiary education and I will then be eligible to apply for suitable positions in a company. This bursary will allow me to become an independent and hardworking citizen. I await eagerly for the outcome of this result and I hope that I am one of the lucky winners. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to enter this competition. Kind regards Jaedon Deolen Reddy
15 HENRY SIMANGA Mngomezulu 784762183 1999-12-19 R38 KAGAZI STAND NO 8 I consider my future my success is in my hands .as a young person i know what it takes to reach my destination i need to work hard even though its difficult financial but i can get help as long i keep on praying for better day and working hard for reaching my destination
16 sandiswe 0
17 Siviwe Ndobeni 719973569 1994-04-29 20 Indwe street luzuko Park Philip 7750 Hi Sir/Madam I hereby take this opportunity to apply for this competition at Loveworldsat. This competition is a solid step towards my future career. Hoping to hear from you soon Sincerely Siviwe Ndobeni
18 Gift Sithole 789452738 1994-08-17 4237 Mayfield ext 6, Daveyton Good day I am Gift currently working at immaculate cars .i passed my matric in 2013 and want to further my studies however my financial resources are keeping me at stake And i saw this competition advertised on your website and think it will be a great opportunity for me to try it
19 kamogelo mojela MOJELA 609058416 1990-09-23 919 HOT FM, FELSTEAD $NOTHUMBERLAND ROAD im asking for a bursary im passed grade 12 with diploma i dont have money to go further please assist me
20 Mandisa Nqobile Sibanyoni 762824877 2019-07-16 1626 Rockdale1 middelburg mpumalanga I am an aspired perspn trying to meet lifes desires .i was a student at growth path tvet college middelburg but faild amd only passes 1 subject doing n4 financial management. I applied at unisa to study higher certificate in law just a stepping stone to be able and study bachelor pf education in fet phase and presue a carre in education ,but i am struggling to meet the registration fee amount due to unemployment and financial crisis we are facing in the family .thank you for the opportunity given to express myself and thank you fpr the busery
21 Chuene Ivyn mapa 649312264 2000-12-31 P O Box 08, Lonsdale, 0710 I would like to be part of the competition as a Youth who passed grade 12 with a Diploma pass and have no success because of the poor background that i have
22 Willim dempi Tshili 837217987 2019-07-16 728 high wood Aa
23 Abongile Leve 812190114 12/09/1992 63518 Lulamile dantile makhaza khayelitsha The Bursary will help me pursue my Tertiary education . as it is my dream to become one of the IT specialist that are still growing and to get this Bursary will not only help me to grow further but to promote and become the brand ambassador of the Boston city campus . Starting from the lower level and grow within the study field is something that will make me to become more equipped within the IT industry . To become a good asset of the campus because I will become a good reference for the next coming competition Candidates to join in and follow the right foot steps that I took of entering the competition. I would love to take my application to the next level as in face to face interview just to polish my chances of applying . Thank you.
24 Sikelela Balisa 627984564 1998-09-27 10 Dorset street, New market Junction, Woodstock 7925 I am a dedicated hard working individual with motive to achieve all possible heights at my best efforts at disposal and with my potential it has been proven that I deserve to be where I see myself in the next 5 years as a qualified chartered Accountant. In the previous 2 years in my field of study I have been named as academic giant at the institution and this made me believe that I can actually stand out of the crowd with my skills and abilities. I am looking forward to this great opportunity to prove my capabilities. Thank you.
25 mukhethwa tshitabia 635619892 1993-10-18 po box phiphidi 84 thohoyandou 0994 limpopo hi i am interested on study tourism N4-N6 at your college . i passed my metric with Diploma i further my study at vhembe tvet college, i done Management practice N4-N6. i like you to assist me with bursary to further my study at your college. i was doing tourism, mathematical literacy, life orientation, tshivenda, geography, history, english first additional language. im doing my internship at vhembe tvet college makwarela.
26 Tsakiso Maphahla 767499701 1996-10-24 265 greean street, Goudrand Hi im tsakiso maphahla i passed my matric in 2013 i then went to a tvet college hoping that when i finish the priggrame i will find a job but nothing so now i wabt to study again just need fubds to finance my studies
27 Herrold Lamola 795813473 2019-07-16 8832 Hungury Crescent Ext Cosmo City A prominent blogger. I am aspiring to become a media practitioner and have written inept football pieces that were published on Soccer Laduma Get Published site. I strongly believe that my craft will be taken to greater heights with a relevent qualification. With Boston Media house boasting A lister graduates- I firmly believe that being trained by your institution will turn me into a future media mogul.
28 Precious Zulu Zulu 790170023 1994-03-05 D403 NTUZUMA,4359 My name is Mpumelelo Precious Zulu,i am applying for this busary due to the financial difficulties,throughout my high school life i have always been a hard working and a determined individual,always puting 100% effort in everything i do hence i have three distinction including for accounting. I want to pursue a career in accounting hence a barchelor of accounting, ii dream and see myself as an accountant in the near future .if i were to get this busary i will work twice as hard and represent myself and those who have granted me such a chance of a life time to prove myself. i hope and pray that you will consider my application. Yours sincerley Mpumelelo zulu
29 Anita Dlamini 634543804 2019-07-16 No 12 Dunbar and fortsquare bellevue yeoville If i would to score this bursary i would be greatly delighted and strive to work hard and tirelessely in my academics. My dream has always been for me to further my education and have a better tomorrow that will also change my familys current financial status and also be a change to learners who come from unpriviledged families but are willing and strive to further their education and grant them that quality education so they can have quality education and gppd careerinstead of being jobless and leading into temtptation to do corrupt stuff in order to gain finances and support family well being in the mere future. I would love to touch lives with social work and giving back to the community to see change and uprising. I believe that education is the key that opens all doors to success.
30 motlatsi micheal motseko 832764499 1993-08-14 29233 chris hani bloemfontein 9323 i will be very happy to found this opportunity because i need to improve my skills and knowledge in tertiary level especially in forth industrial revolution it will be pleasure to grap this opportunity with full commitment of my determination . This opportunity will help me a lot because the unemployment rate is very high in this days so if i become the winner this competition i will be greatful because i will be able to acquire the skills in entrepreneurship and management , and i will be able to open my own business to great job opportunities for other citizens of our country by doing so our economy will grow and unemployment will decrease . i thank you
31 Sihle Mepeni Mepeni 736320791 2019-07-16 7520 Solomon Mahlangu Street Samora Machel Entrepreneurship is the only thing that can stabilize our economy and create more job opportunities. This opportunity will empower and enhance my knowledge and prepare me for the future ahead. I will pay it forward by assisting needy students in my community. This programme is the door opener not only for me but for my community and my country.
32 Khathutshelo Makatu 815494305 2002-01-08 12 President Way , Kelvin , Sandton , Gauteng My name is Khathu Makatu and I come from Johannesburg. I am currently in Grade 12 and I am seeking for funding for my education next year. I live with my father who is a pensioner and I lost my mother at the age of 8. I attend Marlboro Gardens Combined School and have progressed without failing any grade. I obtain an average of more than 70% in my report for every term. I am in the Top 10 for Computer Application Technology . I have received a Top Achiever award for Computer Application Technology. I also obtain distinctions in my other subjects. I intend on studying ICT as I am good and passionate about it. I also hope to extend my qualification in the next ten years. I enjoy working with computers and I relate to them and work with them easily. I am hard working and I am driven to succeed. I hope to receive this busary as I would take the opportunity to study and graduate. I would also like to give back to the community by starting a company that is IT based. Reason being we live in a world with Technology and skills of IT are needed. The gap for IT people is wide and businesses require people with experience. With this busary it will oprn doors for me as i will be able to study and find employment in the future thereafter work towards upgrading my Qualification. Thank you very much . I am grateful for such an opportunity. God Bless You all.
33 Wandile Mhlungu 676266054 1998-08-24 10704 Vumani street I would like to study travelling and tourism ,and Business Administration because am interested in learning more about the business culture and different people theirr culture and personalities . As an African child who is very proud of her country , it would be a very big pleasure to study more about south African history and different religion and beliefs.
34 ITUMELENG MATHOBELA 635888762 1997-08-26 3354 Dithoaneng Section,North west province,Bodibe Village 2741 With the qualification I would use it to uplift my life and those who are around me, because I am from a disadvantaged village and a poor background. I believe in good hard work and devotion throughout everything .
35 Nkosinathi Magwaza 653423699 1996-07-21 Buckhaw-brow farm Camperdown, Eston R603 I am a self motivated, self driven being passionate about music hence would like to pursue a career in digital music composition and production. i always admired the music industry from the creation of beats to adding vocals and it being a growing industry and me being a hard worker chances of success are very high obtaining this qualification would open doors for me to be able to advance my career with a qualification from one of the best institutions in South Africa . a bursary would mean i get a chance to enroll for a lifestyle course which most people especially as Africans do not view as paramount as other courses. By this type of qualification in hand i would archive a lot in life, for example i would love to become a Music Producer and a Sound technician.
36 Elinah ngwenya 748285153 1992-09-17 1124 ramoroa street tlhabane rustenburg 0300i I intend to further my qualification in other to pursue my dreams nd help my community whenever I can .I want to be a proud mother for my child in order to support her no matter what nd she can also have goals in life
37 Venessa Rapatsa 827201992 2019-07-16 56 Caledon Street Nazareth middelburg 1050 I can create a better future for myself and my kids.
38 Shaunice Letchman 727650440 2001-03-14 12086 Tranquil Street, Extension 13 To whom it may concern, I would like to apply for Educational Financial Assistance to help me in fulfilling my educational needs. . I’m interested in the Higher education field. I want a career that is challenging, interesting, and makes a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. My passion for teaching stems from the personal satisfaction I obtain by helping someone learn something new and the numerous benefits it has on my own understanding. Every child thinks about what to do when they grow up, and every child changes their mind about a hundred times. I admit that I changed my mind frequently until I started high school. I wanted to be everything from a princess to a firefighter, but in high school I decided that one day I would be a teacher. I wanted to be a teacher because I think that our nation is lacking in teachers that want to teach. We have an abundance of teachers that teach because it is their job, not their passion. I want to teach, guide, and most of all I want to make a difference. I truly believe that education is the key to success. Success comes in different stages. I believe the best teachers remain students their whole lives. I love learning, and becoming a teacher guarantees I will never stop doing so. I will continuously learn more about what I am teaching so I can be a better teacher. My mother is current;y unemployed and a single parent who has constantly been taking care of both myself and my little brother aged 11 years, with no other source of income or any kind of financial support from our dad. I kindly request you to consider me as a suitable candidate. I assure you that I shall meet the expectations of the institution. With my hard work and dedication, I shall put in all effort to excel in the field of my studies.
39 Nombuso Mayise 662892121 1999-07-02 11 Pebble Crescent, Riverside park 1200 Hi, I’m already a student at Boston City Campus in Nelspruit. I’ve enrolled at the beginning of the year, I’m already in arrears with my school fees because the money I earn from a part time job I have is not enough to pay for my fees as well as contribute to supporting my family. Education is very important to me and I believe that the Bcom marketing manager meant degreee I’m currently studying will help me get a better job one day, and eventually establish my own marketing firm where I will try to empower the youth of South Africa.
40 Tshepang Phogojane 768673636 2019-06-18 5951 ext 10 , jouberton, klerksdorp, 2574 Getting a bursary it will be best achievement in my life because of I want to further my studies and get qualification and get a good job or my career job and iam willing to study hard and focus more on my studies and put more effort and have more determination, dedication,consistency and persistancy to achieve more and after finishing studing I want to work for my family and help the community.
41 Nkosinathi Simanzi 788120590 n.e.simanzi@gmail.con 1990-04-07 Clau-Clau Trust Kabokweni 1245 Good day, I’m already a first year student at Boston City Campus Nelspruit. I’ve enrolled for the Bcom marketing degree, I love my course and I’d like to start my own marketing firm one day. The surroundings in my hometown are very poor and the youth that side seems demotivated, most of they don’t even complete high school, I believe if I get the opportunity one day through your help I can establish My own business to empower the youth . I believe education is a tool to success but it’s also a tool many people do not possess. In future my company will also award bursaries to the youth of South Africa to help change their love for the better.
42 Busisiwe Kubheka 789180840 1997-09-21 888 Maritirious Crecsent Tsutsumane Alexandra Johannesburg 2090
43 Meredith Keabetswe Themba 812449534 2019-07-16 281 Thembelihle Village, 83 Struben Street My name is Meredith Keabetswe Themba. I am applying for the higher certificate bursary because I am in a process of opening my own business and it is a challenging. I would like to be considered for the bursary to study a business course so that I can gain knowledge and a better understanding on running a business. I am hardworking, persistent, inquisitive, and I am able to work under pressure.
44 Mahmood Dalvi Dalvi 817329981 2001-10-28 3 Himalaya close I am very dedicated and I hope to achieve this bursary to help my parents
45 nontobeko mkhize 729329891 1998-12-15 1 Alan Paton Avenue, room 45 It would be a great honor to get this bursary so that I would be able to study a certificate which I would be able to use to help other people in their lives .I have a philosophy that studying further is a way of getting knowledge which allows you to grow as an individual and be able to help other people.I believe that if I get this bursary and study at Boston this opportunity will bring change and success in my life and people around me.I believe that I am a hard working person.I am able to pass through any challenges that I come across .It would be a great privilege to get this bursary.
46 Njabulo Fokotsha 277675413 1992-05-09 Bhobhoyi Location Port Shepstone 4240 I, Fpkotsha Njabulo completed my matric in 2012. As for no i am looking for this opportunity to roll up my studies as i am a person who like to motivate youth especially those who are unemployed. My vision on that is to destroy the term poverty in our communities by motivating them. Here is the quote that i use to say to them"NEVER LOSE HOPE IN EVERY SITUATION THAT YOU ARE FACING WITH JUST SAY AM GOING TO SUCCED EVEN IN THIS TIME NO MATTER HOW DIFFICULT IT IS. That is my passion for the youth to see them prosper in the poverty of a mind.
47 Thabo Mathibeng 768988606 2019-07-17 Cape Town mowbray Liesbeek Garden 605b 7700 To me the bursary will not be an expense but rather an asset because I believe in equality and alleviating poverty is one of my missions meaning I want to use my degree to bring about social change to fight inequality in our country, I believe I have what it takes.
48 Virginia Mahlo 792540740 1987-09-20 25 Janie du toit, the orchards, extension 24,0182 I am a 32 year old lady with an 8 years old daughter who needs a role model for a mother , I need to empower and motivate her so that she can know that single mother can further their studies and make it too I want to break the generation pattern in my family a d be the first one to have a qualification and graduate. Motivating others by giving back to the community I come from
49 TEBOGO DAVID MOKHABOKE 721747288 1992-06-11 201 NOBODY GA MOTHIBA 0726 I hereby declare that I am the above mentioned and I am really interested in your bursary competition. I am looking forward to hear from you, thank you
50 Thulani Mtshali Mtshali 676743341 2019-07-17 82, South Road, Rewlatch, Johannesburg I have a strong love and passion for human resources management and have since attempted to study towards a qualification. I enrolled for an applied psychology degree to ensure that I can understand the people in the workplace but unfortunately I have had to drop out due to financial constraints. The jobs that I hold do not pay enough for me to continue my studies. This bursary opportunity would be one of a lifetime as I would be on my way to the dream I have created but need a chance to make happen.
51 Katlego Majatladi 814759755 2019-07-17 93 Bruinvengergras Ext 3 Danville I hope I will be able to win
52 PHUMLANI DLADLA 792324184 199502-02-01 UNIT 89 FOUNTAIN VIEW,14 ROAD, MIDRAND I am writing in application for an assistance to studying in the Boston . Being awarded the chance to study in the field at this college is an incredible opportunity for me and one I intend to seize wholeheartedly without reservation. when I am being presented with an opportunity I will strive as hard as I can to best represent myself and reward those who have granted me a chance to prove such. I THANK YOU. Kindly Regards Phumlani
53 Elizabeth Morris Morris 630325203 1995-03-01 356 Manuel street Davidsonville Good day The reason why I am entering the competition is because I never had the opportunity to futher my studies when I matriculated,both my parents are deceased and I would really like to take this busuary and study social work. I want to become a social worker to help children that are distraught and orphans I want the to achieve their dreams and become independent because they are the next generation which follows. My plan is to become a independent woman who can help someone else,what I have experienced in life is in vain but I can make the future a better place for our children.My dream is to be a social worker and a better person.
54 NELISWA HOKWANA 796646464 1994-05-24 KUEBUNG, P.O BOX 186 THE MOTIVATIONAL TO WHOM IT MAY BE CONCERN I am committed and very passionate lady who always strives to do the best in all my studies by going extra mile .I am more than prepared to go extra mile with my career in Bcom Transport Economics and i have innovative ideas with my career it wont only give me knowledge i want to advance my career to see my self as an entrepreneur after i have completed my qualification. I am also a well presented and articulate individual who follows proper channel of communication I have confidence and always strives to achieve the best in my studies and attain my goals my strength lie in creativity ,reliability , goal oriented ,hard working also a quicker learner who does not hesitate to tackle the most difficult problem as stated i am good in problem solving in addition i am a valuable asset to my career you can only prove thus if you would consider my application yours sincerely Hokwana Neliswa
55 Venolia Rabokale Sebetha 744348324 2019-07-17 Ga mathabatha Ga makgoba stand no 10181 I would love to study certificate in HIV/AIDS counseling and management because I believe I have a heart of work for people who are infected ,they need support,love and care in many ways.For me to get this bursary I will make sure I open an awareness centre after finishing and counsel people for free and make sure that everyone leaves at a happy healthy face.Coming from disadvantage background limit my dreams I want to achieve and help those who need help just like me .I had one family member who died 3years back because of HIV/AIDS and to me I wanted to do this course and teach my family about it too.Please consider my application.
56 amzyn Cloete 664948089 2000-10-13 Luxor Crescent I am a young, hardworking and extremely motivated individual who has unfortunately missed out on the opportunity to study this year. I have had the desire to further my education in this year, but unfortunately missed out on the opportunity due to not obtaining the marks needed for the course I wanted to study. While this may seem to be a hindrance, I have tried my utmost best to seek further education and I hope that this might be my opportunity.
57 Sphiwe Maseko 724496963 1991-05-31 Matsulu 1203 I really need a bursary pls help me, I want to study pls
58 Happiness Saunderson 839552530 1999-04-06 1415 Phiri street, Kokosi Location I,as an honest and motivated individual,i am willing to further my studies since i want my Folks to be proud of me.I want to achieve great things in my life.Going to Vasity can be an advantage of changing my background.I am the only light in my family that can change the situation.I have done my matric and passed with a Diploma.I would love the chance to win this awesome Bursary.This could change many things.I am so focused when it comes to Books because i know that Books are the only thing that can open many doors for me to get the life i want and explore the world.THANK YOU..
59 Siyamthanda Siyokwana 625636785 1992-11-09 Block4a Room 18j noxolo street strand 7140 My name is siyamthanda .im 26 years old with 1 child .i was raised up by a single parent ,i cannot find a job because i only have matric with higher certificate .i want to study further so that i can have good future,so that i can have a proper job because i have a responsibilty and my mother is too old for working for me ,i am supposed to work for her it breaks my hear to see her tired and i m here at home doing nothing.she earns a little money and we staying in a shack.if i can get this opportunity i can change our situation at home .im also a single parent given me this opportunity would be a great platform please consider me so that i can do this for myself my mom n my son i believe i have a great future bt i need help .thank you
60 Sonto Ndhlovu 815938450 1994-06-11 3578 moleleki ext 1 I would be very happy if I get awarded with this bursary because am passionate about furthering my studies and becoming something better in future and I would like to be a human resource manager one day because am really good with people and management so getting this bursary will help me to be able to pursue my studies because financially am unable to continue and I did very well in my matriculation so learning is something that I like doing because education is important and I will be an honor If I will be considered
61 Cynthia Shezi 640258020 1987-03-21 04 Aviery Hill, Newcastle, 2940 I would like to get this amazing opportunity because...i would like to have my own company one day and be able to recriut other young people to have jobs and look after their families.
62 Nhlanhla Motlatla Motlatla 676111951 1999-06-29 366 Paul Kruger Street Pretoria Central My name is Nhlanhla Leon Motlatla ,I am 20Years Old. I live on Brits North West. I am a determined,Passionate and a highly disciplined person who is always willing to learn and discover new things. I have obtained a Cabin Crew license at SMAB Aviation Training. Through my academic year I have learned to work and interact with different types of personalities. My studies involved a great deal of independent research, requiring me to be self motivated and have confidence in myself. I have learned to work individually. I come from a disadvantaged family where we are survived by our Granny.My dad passed away in 2013 when I was in grade 9.My mother is not working. I hope I am the best candidate for this bursary. Thank you. Kind Regards Nhlanhla Motlatla
63 Lukas Nkhumane 795346593 2019-07-17 4383 DIEPSLOOT EXT 5, 4383 DIEPSLOOT EXT 5 Every young South African youth aspire to be great in life. We have our dreams and ambitions. We all dream of becoming of becoming the future leaders. Well to some this may be a barrier due to their home background. Like they say; Education is the best key to a good future. I believe that I should be given this opportunity because I come from a family that has no graduate. I believe with this opportunity I can be able to make my family proud. I believe this is one of the opportunities that I have been waiting for. I do believe that this great initiative will help me to change the world around me. I would like to study a higher certificate in media studies. I therefore request that I can be given an opportunity to get the bursary. I would be very happy if I could be granted an opportunity of a lifetime to study something that I always aspired to study. I believe i am a youth that believes in the dreams that the late great Nelson Mandela had for the youth of South Africa.
64 James Baloyi 785571937 2019-07-17 136 Tshamahansi Section, Maboloka, Brits, 0197 I am a graduate mechanical engineering student. I come from a rural area called Maboloka. I studied for my national diplima through NSFAS and ecen though I wish to continue with my studies I am unable to do so because of my financial neediness. I am not really a smart person, but I work hard, I am dedicated, and I am focused. Throughout my work experience I have noticed how so many people misuse funds, mismanage employees and equipment, and my observation made me want to enrol for a project management course that I will couple with my engineering diploma.
65 Duan Landman 726757299 2001-06-06 Hiemstra street 35, Brandwag, Bloemfontein I want to study for a computer technician. My dream is to start to work at a computer shop and to later in life with more experience to open my own computer shop. I am currently a gamer and it will only be beneficial if I can repair my computer myself. My dream of opening a shop will create even more jobs for other youngsters.
66 Sbusiso Khanyile 799338190 1998-08-20 331/91 Chiawelo Ext 3 Mosu Street I am a young, energetic and enthusiastic being who loves learning I completed my matric in 2016 I would still love to study to get myself a better job because every job I apply they want at least one qualification. Therefore this would be a great opportunity for me to go far and open doors as it would be my 2md Bursary at Boston.
67 LWANDISILE MACEBO 738132679 1992-06-12 UNIVERSITY OF FORT HARE 1314 I Macebo lwandisile from the poor rural area called Maqguzu location spaqeni in flagstaff at Eastern Cape, I am the kind of person who believes to work hard, also I trust that education can bring development changes in my community whereby there is no water, no good road, I love people and I used to listen to them when sharing their ideas, it does not matter what kind of person educated or uneducated I just take idea and if its good, I used it. my biggest dream is to play a role in my community to contribute to decreasing unemployment, I am African and I feel proud to be an African, Current, I do not work, I am a student under a bachelor of agricultural science and economics, Love each other, work together as a team, Help each other to build-out our country. I thank you.
68 Omphemetse Mokgoro 767261034 1997-06-28 23 Reneilwe Street I have completed my Grade 12 with a diploma endorsement and I have decided to study with Boston because I do have proper endorsement for a university entry or degree, and I plan that with the qualification I have selected (Higher Certificate in Commerce HR), I will be studying to reach my goal which to do my degree in HR.
69 Mmapula Windy Tlholwe 725711550 2019-07-17 GAUTENG Dear Sir/Madam I would like to inform you of my intention to apply for a bursary iad to assist me in my education development, my financial resources are keeping me out for educational opportunities. Should I be given the chance to be a recipient of your bursary program I am very glad to accept it and pledge to do my very best to exceed your expectations. I am hoping that this will merit your preferential attention. Thank you. Yours Truly Tlholwe Mmapula Windy
70 Thirumala Mudaly 837675427 2019-07-17 28. Lucknow Road, Ladysmith, 3370 I am single parent, daughter matriculated last year with Bachelor pass.No maintenance received from her dad 18 years.My company closed April this year. I like to study HR
71 Christina Ditsele 720832669 2019-07-18 Ext 6 7132 Bela-Bela 0480 I really need to see my self one day studying because i know that by studying i will be able to leave a better life in future.And i believe that education can change my life and also my family.I know that my life is my responsibility so i need to build it now before is too late because depending on my parents wont help me;so all i need to do is to take a step forward for my future to study at least one course so that i can get a certificate,graduate and get a job to work for me and my family
72 MAMPEKENG PORTIA MALEPE 730731180 2019-07-18 STAND NO 273 GA-MOTHAPO. POLOKWANE 0700 Good day , Sir / Madam I am writing this letter to express my interest in a Higher Cetificate bursary at Boston city campus .i have a deep interest in tourism &travel management practice , is my hope that this bursary for higher Certificate at Boston city cumpas will give me futher exposure i need to advance my career. i would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss any of thr higher Certificate oppotunities you might have . please reach me by phone at 073 076 1180 or 076 7336871. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerly, M.P MALEPE
73 Mamarumo Brandy Khatiti 817131062 1984-04-13 1759 plakkerskamp olifantshoek I would love to win this Busary as I think I love to go to study but I do not have financial support as iam a single domestic parent, I struggle a bit and would love to change my life that of my kids so that I can build them home and better the life.
74 Dikeledi Mohapi 796022201 1989-07-22 1628a phuti street naledi soweto To whom it may concern Dear Sir/Madam I want to inform you that I am interested to receive bursary funds to fulfill my educational needs. At present i am not studying anything since i cannot afford to further my studies but i will be very glad to be offered the bursary since its my wish to fulfill my studies and support my family as i am the breadwinner I request you to consider me as a suitable candidate for receiving bursary aid. I promise you that I shall meet the expectations of the institution. With my hard work and dedication, I shall put in all effort to excel in the field of education. I will ensure to bring laurels to our college. With your help I will be finishing my education and will become eligible to apply for a suitable position in a company or organization. In this way I will be in a better position to support my family. You will be doing a great favor to me as i cannot afford to pay for myself to further my studies I hope to receive a positive response from you Yours Sincerely,
75 Nhlakanipho Ngcobo Ngcobo 333413615 1989-04-13 Bester area 3 - 1092, Mfeka Rd, Inanda I am a creative talent individual, who is versatile and involved in both music and audio - visual arts. However,my passion is more on music business, I have performed in many events within KwaZulu Natal province especially in Durban and Pietermaritzburg, I believe that talent only is insufficient without formal training. Which is why I want to enroll in Higher Certificate in Marketing Specialization Digital Music at Boston City Campus and Business College. With this qualification I will be able to gain marketing skills that will assist me to market my music and also other related disciplines. There are also plenty of other careers I can follow when having this certificate, from being a promoter, marketer, event coordinator , communication officer, advertiser and many more. This bursary will be of great benefit to me to start a career in media , arts, culture, entertainment and lifestyle industry. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
76 YANGA Ntwakumba 798267580 2019-07-18 8692 tswako street tsakane 1550 Brakpan I write to inform you of my interest to receive one of the Boston city campus bursary fund to fulfill my educational needs. At present i am currently working at an internet cafe as an administrator,to raise funds to fulfill my dreams as it is very important to me. Since my family is in no position to afford my fees. I am a very hard working and determined individual, Since from high school i have always been a hard worker. I request you to consider me as a suitable candidate to receive this bursary aid. I promise you that i shall meet all the expectations of the institution. I shall put in all effort to excel in the field of education with my hard work and dedication. I hope to receive a positive response from you.
77 Zuziwe Radebe 731902569 1998-01-15 10032 Zone 1 Garankua 0208 My name is zuziwe Radebe I am 21 years of age and had finished my matric back in 2015 I went to college in 2017 I did management Assistant but I only did it because the opportunity was granted to me after completing I felt the need to advance my course as the is no much space in the industry to work as an administrative clerk or Assistant I would love the opportunity to advance my course and I can assure you that I am a very dedicated young individual and I will be a committed to my studies like I have always been . The reason I want to advance I want to stand a better chance of being employed or creating opportunities for myself but I could not go back to school due to financial constraints. I believe if granted the opportunity to prove myself I can do the out most best.
78 Mathapelo Molaba 726339250 2019-07-18 108-13th Avenue, Alexandra,2090 Good day, My name is Mathapelo Molaba. I was born in Alexandra township and I am 33 years of age. I have studied Cost and Management Accounting from the former Alexandra Technical College and I have since been unemployed and not able to study further since 2007. This could be as a result of not being employable immediately after finishing school and not having a chance to study further. I would like Boston College to award me a bursary - this can increase my chance back into the job market. Thanks. Elisa
79 Nolwandle Sbusisiwe Mavundla 678737789 1999-12-20 20 Whitfield drive, Kingsburgh, 4126 I want us to take a stroll into I could go on for eternity about why I am worthy to receive this bursary but before I divulge into that my walk of life, in brief, I am a bubbly, colorful character who is motivated by life and the lessons life has to offer, my life has been everything but easy but I’ve managed to turn my lemons into sweet, thirst-quenching lemonade, I am currently writing a short dramatized fictional book based on the hardships I and many others like me face in life and I have hope that it will be picked up by a prestigious publishing house. I lost my father at the tender age of 3 and my mother, my sister and myself due to the hardships of living without income and the cost of living ever rising, moved back to my mother’s home in the quiet Adams Mission, a semi-rural area in the south of Durban. To this present day, we are fed and clothed by my grandparents’ pension thus resulting in them not being able to send me to a tertiary institution. If and when I get this bursary I will strive to give my community a facelift with the funds I will be earning from my job, I plan to empower and motivate the troubled youth in my community, in essence, what I learn at Boston City Campus I will come back and implement or try educate the members in my community, hence I want to do either a degree or a diploma in accountancy because I am passionate about the finance sector or a business management course so I know how to handle the business sector when I go into the sector myself. The end goal is for me to get an accountancy degree together with a business management degree so I have the building blocks needed to equip others who weren’t as fortunate as myself to create/ get jobs and wealth. I refuse to let anything or anyone stand in the way of my financial freedom and I believe I hold the key to my future and the future of my family. So, with all that being said and aired in the open, I would be eternally grateful if I get this bursary as it will bring one step closer to being the young black woman I intend to be. I will work hard and diligently to show that I am worthy to be the recipient of the bursary and that you did not make a foul choice in choosing me. I hope this mini-essay helped in shedding brief light to the type of person I am and how I go about tackling this stumbling block called life.
80 Koholang Uoane 760958690 1994-02-06 Lungi street Dayton Benoni Iam hard working and a fast learner.. dedicated person always looking or up for a challenge.. looking forward to get the bursary so that I can further my studies up, I really wish I could win the bursary so that i will hence fort my best onto my studies.
81 Boitshoko Bradley David Dibe 670356774 2019-07-18 3443 leswaneng section Mathibestad 0418 I want to study sport administration and sport coaching, I have many years coaching different sport code, I have go record of sport achievement​, where I live we volunteer to train youth in sports and even help them to the competitions, but as we are from rural we strangle, I have the tool to do what I love and passionate about but the qualifications for it.if I get this qualifications It will improve my ability to help more youth and improve the life style of the young athletes and clubs in my place. I have even open an sport Foundation to assist the athletes on participate in provincial competitions, the foundation ,namely Metshamekong Dance sports ,Art and Culture Foundation, the number one Foundation in Moretele region, with my help and this Qualifications we improve to the nationals as I will know how to coach them right and administrate the foundation, how to get sponsorships , I really need the bursary not only for myself​ but the benefit of my community. I hope my request will reach a point of recommendation, I thank you
82 senzo phakathi 711577832 1997-08-07 PO BOX 2086, PONGOLA 3170 i am 22 year old boy who is much patient of studying, and i am currently studying human physiology second year in the university of Pretoria. i straggle a lot with finance to pursue and finish my degree, as my mother is not working and i do not know of my father where about. i am a person who like helping other people and very easy to communicate with them very well, working with people it very easy and flexible to me . getting this bursary will help me a lot to help people from my community level to the entire south Africa as well. i will be very grateful if my applications can be considered successful , thank you.
83 Prince Shangase 661524495 1996-04-25 662 musa road unit 2 kwaMashu 4359 I am hard worker and a very dedicated person
84 Kholofelo Matsimela 764501538 1994-03-06 64, 7TH AVENUE, SELBOURNE STREET, ALEXANDRA, 2090 I am looking forward to do Information systems, because I have realized that in future generation technology will be leading in all industries. I am a hardworking person who is always willing to learn to increase her professional knowledge.
85 Senzeni Ngobese 761888187 2019-07-19 06 pokoko street I need this bursary so that i can complete my course
86 Sinalo Majova 797716887 1993-08-25 Hamilton Naki Square, Block A,, langa, Cape Town, 7784 I am m an enthusiastic person, who enjoys being part of, as well as leading individual and groups. quick to grasp new ideas and concepts and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. able to work well on own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels motivattion required to meet the tightest of deadlines,even under significant pressure, posseses a strong abiliyty to perfom effectively
87 Sadia Mohamed 761756727 1990-08-03 711A JUKSKEI DRIVE RIVERLEA EXTENSION This certificate would help me with a career change.I have been at my current job for 6 years now and have been stagnant.Working to support a family and not being able to uplift myself has been really difficult.I would like to empower myself as a young woman and also up-skill myself in order to keep up with our modern society and contributing positively to our economy
88 Nqobeka Buthelezi 643271921 2019-07-19 411 staghoogte Hamilton street I am a second year student in Boston doing diploma in media . I like what i am studing because since in my childhood i had a dream of becoming a journalism. Although there i have finacial challengies but it wont stops me achiving my dream of becoming a journalism. If i win this bursary i will make sure that i study hard and make my mom proud of me because its hates me seing my mother struging to pay my fees but she male sure dat she is trying to pay although sometimes she skips months because she has fanancial problem .but that does not stops me i will make sure that i pass . By Giving me this bursary i promise you wont regrets it.
89 Mziwenkosi Collen Ngcobo 711253793 8 Labashane road hambanathi Tongaat 4399 I am a motivated young male who believes that the future is what you make it to be.i believe that your past does not and will not stand in your way if you know where you are hearded in life. I would like to pursue a career in Public Administration: Supply Chain Management because i am motivated by the development of South African businesses.if we are able to provide a more suitable Supply Chain for growing businesses,we will be able to assist in the cash injection on the South African Economy and by doing so we will be ensuring a better future for us, our children and for generations to come. I believe in unity and that if we speak out, ask questions, do research and keep up to date with current affairs there is nothing we can not overcome, But most importantly working together i do believe that we can do more.
90 Nonjabulo Sitoe 624383971 1999-02-22 10kisanganestreet,124/712Ehlanzeni section,Tembisa 1632 My purpose to enter this competition is for me to recieve a bursary so that it can assist me in my educational development. I have managed to get a higher certificate in grade 12.Getting this bursary will help me to acquire more skills by going to a higher institution. I believe I should be given a chance to get a bursary,as I am enthusiastic person and I have always wanted to study further to accomplish my goals.I pledge to study hard and get high marks at all times to show my hardwork.Thank you. Yours sincerely Nonjabulo sitoe
91 Lerato koena Mashala 742555606 Tembisa 707 Makhulong section -Tembisa 1632 I am a young ambitious lady with dreams. I have always wanted to be in the media industry and be in the spotlight. I have always seen myself as a role model and an inspiration to young people. This opportunity will be a stepping stone for me to fulfill my dreams and live the life of inspiration to others. I am persistence and regardless of my financial issues I always know that I will be exactly be what I want to be. This opportunity will open lot of doors for me.
92 kevin chabangu 606135194 1996-02-20 p.o box 3341 justicia 1289 i am a young man with big ambitions who has completed his grade 12 in 2015, but i have not been able to achieve those dreams because of financial difficulties that i had since i could not go to tertiary to achieve my goals . my wish is to get this bursary which would be a dream come true and a big opportunity together for me and my family. if i get the bursary my aim is to major in health,sports and wellness this will be a step not only for me but also for the society i come and other under privildged areas in africa at large to help people understand the importance of their lives and health. i am a good team player who is willing to learn from other people because when you understand other people and working together there is greatness. i hope and believe that my skills and knowledge can be of use since i understand poverty and other issues that are destroying the communities.
93 Mbali Sithole 715289533 2001-02-14 34 Mauritz St. Harrismith Free State Being given the opportunity to get a bursary would be the best thing to happen for me. I want to become a chef, I am very passionate ablut the hospitality management industry.
94 Ayanda Kabinde 793726160 1995-03-16 2311 Section E Ekangala 1021 My name is Ayanda Siphiwe Kabinde a current student at the University of Pretoria, I am 24 years old male youngster from the outskirt of the city called Bronkhorstspruit deep inside the township of Ekangala. At home we are a family of seven me being the last one. I grew up in a destitute situation where my mother would not be able to afford to buy me school uniform and by that time my four sister were done studying yet they struggled to find employment. My school would donate for me some trousers, shoes and shirts so that I would be just uniform with other kids. It was never easy yet I made a vow to myself that I would never allow this cycle of poverty continue and the remedy for changing such a situation was for me to bury my head in my books and made sure that I strive against all odds that I face I made a promise to myself that I will get to the university, enrol for education with the aim of wanting to embark on this field to close those gaps that we always see of the haves and the have nots within the arena of education. Address issues of racism and gender biases with our educational system. I am currently a stranded student who intends to finish her degree to establish her own career. Having looked at my situation currently I feel the need to plead for an opportunity or chance to continue with my studies as I strongly believe that completion of another qualification will grant me opportunities to greater frontiers of further learning and of offering service to South Africa, as well as to the global space. Thus, I confidently write this personal statement that outlines my inspiration in Education and change I intend to bring within this field. I am an inspired long life learner, keen to learn and acquire knowledge that will help me transform the way people view our education system and our standard of education in general. It is of outmost importance to take into cognisance that our educational system is governed by biased authority that at times does not serve the society but its own agendas. These things are evident in our school curriculum that should also be transformed for the better. I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the bursary as I am innovative enough, able to innovate inspiring ideas around matters that concern schooling. Methods of teaching and learning should be blended with our African and indigenous knowledge, and styles. Therefore Mandela Rhodes scholarship will help in bringing my future plans of transforming our education system and changing our pedagogical approaches we have in this field of study. Most importantly I promise to deliver the required marks as stipulated by the scholarship program, make sure that I meet the specified requirements of the course I am currently doing. I also intend to find a convenient way of sticking mandates given by City Boston campus bursary program. Moreover, I am confident that the upcoming academic year is going to yield great fruits of success, as Sir Aristotle would say, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”
95 Siphelele Dladla 813135878 1993-09-17 5810 France 5 Application for bursarie After reviewing your job description that was advertised on website vacancies ,it is clear that you’re looking for a candidate that is extremely familiar with the responsibilities associated with the role, and can perform them confidently. Given these requirements, I am certain that I have the necessary skills to successfully do adeptly and perform above expectations. I firmly believe that a combination of my natural ability, personality and work experience all make me an ideal candidate for the Learnership . I possess a strong understanding of time management and stress handling especially on day to day work. With my good communication skills and I’m able to reason. After reviewing my resume, I hope you will agree that I am the type of competent and competitive candidate you are looking for. I look forward to elaborating on how my specific skills and abilities will benefit. Thanks for your time and consideration. Regards Siphelele Dladla.
96 Drake Sapa 763606211 1989-05-20 1605 Rakale Street, Mohlakeng Location, Randfontein, 1759 I would like to inform you of my intention to apply for a bursary aid to assist me in my educational development. I am a hard-working student & my results do meet your minimum requirements for bursary you offer. I am highly in need of financial assistance in the form of a bursary to be able to further my studies through BBC. I have always had a wish to school at BBC from the moment I had a chance to go into their career expo day (2012), but based on the quotation fees none of my family members had the ability to make my wish a reality. Now that LoveWorldSat have issued an opportunity like this - it surely makes it highly possible for me to see myself furthering my studies their your partnership with BBC so that I can also be able to assist youth within my community as well. Should I be given the chance to be a recipient of your bursary program. I shall be very glad to accept it & pledge to do my best to exceed your expectations to me. I am hoping that this merit your preferential attention. Thank you in advance . Yours truly, Mr D. Sapa
97 ayanda nkosi 714416273 2000-04-09 ndlela street 272 Being accepted to the bursary program will greatly assist me in my educational pursuit and career goals. My parents are both working-class citizens and they are not able to help me pay for my college expenses.With the help of this bursary, I could afford to finance my studies and living expenses without building up many loans.If accepted to your bursary program, I will use the skills I have acquired to honor our school and continue to excel in education Thank you very much for considering my request. I appreciate any opportunity which helps me achieve my academic and career goals.
98 Michael Ncube 614628331 1997-10-30 Ebony PARK ext1 , midrand 1685 Good day my is michael am 22 years , from midrand ebony park . l have always been seeking for the perfect opportunity but the odds have never seemed to be in my favor. I have strived for a better education since l matriculated in 2016 with a diploma , but l never Was academically legible for university. I have always aspired to do better and be better, l have always had dreams to study a certain course but now it keeps slipping away ,now my dream is to have a better education, and contribute fully hearted to my choice of job l will get to do in the future. When l was in high school the possibilities were endless to what l could do, l have expected and anticipated the realities of life. But am thankful of the struggle it made a better man l am today. This bursary will be a blessing to me it will a stepping stone ,am a game of thrones dragon stone that will help me slay and further my studies and realize l too can be a jon snow.
99 Dimakatso Matakgane 818020854 2019-07-21 417spookpark moletji I a learn , who want to achieve her goals for being a better leader of this country
100 Lufuno Magugumela 842586419 2019-07-22 8846 a mda street Orlando west 1804 Am very motivated to study to better my future and ambitious,eager to learn and reliable.
101 Moses Magokong 827383828 1997-08-19 Po Box 573, Sekwati 1063 I am hard working person and my mother can not afford to pay for my fees because she is a farm work who earns R3200 per month. My goal is to optain the qualification and make my mother and my sponsor proud. Invest my time on my studies is my first priority.
102 Sindiswa Nkosi 795814255 1994-08-25 104 Scott street casa grande flat no.1 I have done office administration level 4 , I want to further my studies since i have got no-one to support me this bursary can really change my life from zero to here. When it comes to focus am very good at that i will make sure that i keep this bursary with only good intention of which is to achieve a dream. The death of parents at a young age make me raise my siblings and be very supportive towards them since we have lost a back bone to study it everyone dream who want a bright future a head and really knows what you want in life nothing as good as having your own #Education.
103 Walter Wayne Seleke 643328755 2001-09-06 93 Van Riebeeck ,Edenvale,10 street,Flat 15Cathvarien Dear Sir and Madam My name is Walter Wayne Seleke and with this letter, I would like to express my strong interest in applying a Higher Certificate Bursaries in Boston City College. I wrote my matricalatein 2018 from Mahlasedi High School and I hold Diploma. Through this undergraduate program, I have set the ground towards achieving an in-depth knowledge in the field of IT Network Management. I studied various subjects relating to diverse aspects of Network Management. Studying at my own spare time I perceive as a prestigious opportunity to broaden my knowledge in order to become professional expert in CISCO security systems in the future. Through growing up in a developing country I have witnessed many development issues such as poverty, income inequality and others, which later on driven me to choose profession in the field of Network Management. Through this specialization, I would like to contribute to poverty reduction and public welfare. After my matric, I have started own private workshop at home. Thanks to this job am doing good on pratical, I have learned a lot about Computers Hardware and I realized I would have to put my personal career focus on improvement of techknowlgy in our counrty.To achieve that goal I would like to improve my knowledge of Computers and gain at higher level, Owing to my career goal to become successful expert, I have decided to familiarize with actuarial sciences by doing Degree in Networking and Software Development. This major involves the know how on Comptia A+ and N+. After a board search, i found the Degree Networking and Software Development as a part to become a proffessional IT worker. Due to that fact, I would make an effort to improve quantitative skills by taking calculus and statistic in mathematics. I would highly appreciate to be accepted to this bursary program as well. I would offer my skills, A strong educational background and desire to go one-step further than the others would. I have the right academic record, the right skills and attitude to succeed and I am convinced that this program is the right stepping-stone for my professional ambitions. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am waiting for your response. Yours faithfully, Walter Wayne Seleke
104 RORISANG MOLEFE 835737115 RORISANGMOLEFE@GMAIL.COM 1992-06-04 4753 leeba street zone 4 Diepkloof I am reliable and eager to learn and I ‘can cope well under pressure .I have strong conceptual skills, Visionary understanding of sensitivity to the need of the employees in terms of well-being skills development, Motivational, My previous work have enable me to communicate with people from all background productivity in both individual and groups works and accurate in my work. I am a creative and innovation thinker . I have prioritized task to meet strict dateline, I am willing to learn various skills and will always be at hand to help when needed.This lbursary will help me to develop myself academically and create opportunities for is a key to success , for me to get this bursary it will open new door for me to be employed or open my own business.
105 Asemahle Dayile 620598535 1994-08-29 177 Dora street New Bright I am a college dropout due to financial reasons. I am very passionate about computers and one day i would like to be know as one of the few African female successful women programmers. I am not afraid of challenges and always trying to improve myself. The bursary would mean a lot to me and my family as we are all dependent on my father. I am currently a volunteer at the local library with assisting with the computer classes held for the community. I would appreciate the opportunity and also willing to helping anyway i can as form of appreciation for the opportunity. Thank you for your time
106 Kgothatso Monaise 608085411 2019-09-20 121 Soshanguve Block W Dear Sir /Madam My name is kgothatso Monaise from Soshanguve, I am writing this letter with intentions to "Win" this bursary to assist me in my educational development. I am goal-oriented, quality minded-person and a hardworker. This bursary will assist me to move forward, it may mean prestige and better opportunities, useful connections, improved self-esteem and better career down the road. I am looking forward to your positive response. Yours sincerely Kgothatso Monaise
107 Nokuthula Khumalo 847403532 1985-12-26 3243, Mayfield ext 5 I am a 33 year old woman and interested in the higher certificate in IT : information systems. Ever since I was a child, I was interested in computers and information technology. As a business minded woman, the qualification will help greatly in allowing me to manage information and use it in a way that will not only protect my most valuable and important information but also protect myself against cyber crimes. It will further more help me to empower others in my community. I believe that as a person, you create your own destiny and not wait to be rescued because if you have a working brain and the air in your lungs then you have the ultimate gift and ability to turn your life around. A lack of education should not be an obstacle that stands in your way but rather a motivation. Picking me for this bursary would be the best decision you can ever make and I am thankful at the opportunity awarded to me to apply.
108 Lindiwe Karosa 749959176 1998-03-06 532 18th Avenue , Alexandra., Johannesburg. 2090 My name is Lindiwe, I am a young & very driven lady from Alexandra. I’ve faced many hardships in the schooling aspect of my life, so this year when I turned 21, I was inspired to start something of my own whilst I continue the fight to obtain a formal qualification. I founded a Social Media Marketing company and named it Virtual Rebels. On Mandela Day, I participated in a workshop that helped small business owners establish their true passions and my top1 was community work. If I win this bursary to pursue a Higher Certificate in Advertising & Integrated Communication or in Marketing, I would use it to offer a service via innovation hubs/incubators to business in need of marketing assistance but cannot afford it.
109 hazel mafutha 735128345 randburg 8451 warsaw street cosmo city Dear Sir/Madam; I would like to inform you of my intention to apply for a bursary aid to assist me in my educational development. I am Hazel Mafutha and I was enrolled in your school taking Human Resource Management in 2013. I am now at my sophomore years in college however my financial resources are keeping me out for educational opportunities. given the chance to be a recipient of your bursary program, I am very glad to accept it and pledge to do my very best to exceed your expectations to me. I also wish to give honor to our school by maintaining my educational status and by excelling in some fields of education. I am hoping that this will merit your preferential attention. Thank you. Mss. Hazel Mafutha
110 Zilungile Bezana 784527637 1999-08-12 36 Prestwitch place, East London, 5247 I am a dedicated second year student of an average of 70% in most of her academic years. I go to Rhodes University which I must say is the best decision I have ever made. The experience I have gained in just the 2 years of my studies is more than what I had expected to gain. I am a hardworking student mainly because of this experience. I am certain of the degree choice that I made and with the right Financial support I believe I can even improve my marks more as I will have less to worry about at school. I am the 4th daughter in a family of 5 children, one being a boy. My parents are self employed and try to maintain their and our lives from the money they get from their business. 3 of the 5 children in my family are working and the other 2, including myself, are in university. I believe i deserve this bursary because of the work I put into my academics. I need it to relieve the stress my parents get almost every month when they have to think of my university fees. Receiving it would mean that I work even harder, get more experience from working for free in pharmacies, and also improving and maintaining my academic marks.
111 Seqisile Dlungwana 799171135 120618 120618 Nqabeni Location. Pietermaritzburg. 3201 My name is Seqisile Dlungwana and I am 26 years old. I am from KZN Pietermaritzburg. I would like to do a Bachelor Degree in Communication science and Digital Marketing. I would like to further my studies by enrolling in the above mentioned degree. I would like to work in an environment as good communication skills are very essential. And I would like to get into advertising and marketing and in that way I can start up my own business. And work with clients by creating concept for their businesses and advertising and promoting works. The bursary would assist me a lot as I will further my studies and be able to pay for my tuition. Thank you
112 Caylon Prudence Prins 629376199 1999-08-14 Rainbow Farms B7 I want to make a succes of my future and education is the gateway
113 Javanoh Josephs 628508775 2001-03-28 112 Rocky Mafikeng Street, Groenheuwel, Paarl Im Javanoh Josephs, a first year Bachelor of Accounting student at Boston City Campus Paarl. I am a very promising and passionate student. I just wish to complete my studies, but due to financial problems, paying college fees has become a bit of a hassle for my parents. I ask for this opportunity to help me to complete my studies. My parents are both unemployed and I need assistance with my second semester studies. Thank you
114 Ntandokazi Dlamini 795796664 2019-12-11 670 Florauna, Pretoria North Good day As stated before my name is Ntandokazi, currently based in Pretoria North and I am in dire need of financial assistance. I am in pursuit of a career in Business management hence I am currently studying that at Boston in Pretoria North campus. As second semester is beginning I am in Need of assistance from you since the cost of fees and accommodation are too much and my family cannot afford to help me continue my studies. Business management has always been my interest of field and I aspire to inspire and achieve my goals which is attaining the qualification with the best results. Getting financial assistance from you will truly go a long way and help me a lot. Yours sincerely Ntandokazi
115 Komtere Selepe 662566124 1995-05-28 1095 Manyatseng, Ladybrand I would really appreciate the help from you guys since i am unable to further my Studies as a person who would oneday want to Start a big business and lower the rate of porverty, crime.