In this episode of Crushin the Pressure, Keitumetse Tswhabi and her guests Rulani Madavhe and Vanessa Allily crush the pressures of the YOLO (You Only Live Once) Festive Spirit.

Vanessa and Rulani start by explaining the personal YOLO festive pressures they get during the season. In this first part of the video, Vanessa explains how most people actually get the YOLO festive pressure without even knowing. She also says, ”When we think festive season, we don’t think about the reason for the season, we only think about spending and how I am going to look good in front of my friends and family.’’

She says that ‘’I think we have taken our eyes off the very important reason of the festive season – Christmas – which is the birth of Jesus Christ. The festive season should personify everything that Jesus Christ stood for, it should stand for more giving than buying for yourself.’’ Vanessa continues to explain the meaning of the festive season and she says, ”Attach a meaning to everything you do, if you are buying, buy to give. Everything you do during this period should be tied to the reason for the period which is the birth of Jesus Christ.”

Watch the second part to hear what the people on the streets had say about yolo festive season.