Upgraded Call Experience, Custom Stickers and More on KingChat 5.2!


Enjoy a richer experience with KingsChat’s custom stickers and an upgraded calling feature.

KingsChat Version 5.2 is available on iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, with an upgraded call experience, the opportunity to spark conversations with beautifully designed stickers and the option to tag friends in timeline post, comments and group messages. Click here to upgrade!

Audio and video calls on KingChat 5.2 are at their best yet. The interface also displays connection quality and users can switch seamlessly between audio and video calling. Chatting on KingsChat is also much richer than ever, with funny and inspiring customer stickers to make your friends laugh or to spark new conversations.


Users can also use the “@” symbol to tag friends in conversations on groups and in timeline posts and comments. What’s more? When you post links on KingsChat, a link preview now displays automatically.

Make no delays in upgrading to KingsChat 5.2 and experiencing a whole new level of excellence in mobile communication. Upgrade here, and remember to share this article with all your contacts.