Emmerson Mnangagwa has been sworn in as the President of Zimbabwe, one month after a historic election.

Thousands of people, some bussed in from outside the capital, and foreign leaders gathered at the country’s national stadium in the capital Harare, to witness the swearing-in of Mnangagwa. The Constitutional Court confirmed Mnangagwa as president on Friday, dismissing a challenge by the man he beat in the July 30 ballot, Nelson Chamisa. In his inauguration speech Mnangagwa said, now that elections are over, that the country must now focus on addressing the economic challenges adding, that the economy would require some radical reforms to attract foreign investment. He also reaffirmed pre-election pledges to revive Zimbabwe’s crippled economy and settle outstanding debts with foreign lenders. But hours before Mnangagwa’s inauguration, the International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute said the country lacked a tolerant democratic culture in which political parties were treated equally and citizens allowed to vote freely.