The February Global Communion Service of the ‘Year of Spreading’ was truly a remarkable time for all who participated throughout BLW churches and fellowships and those who watched via LoveWorld stations and other TV channels, as they were immersed in an atmosphere of refreshing for the road ahead. Reading from Titus 1:4-5, the man of God, Pastor Chris, announced the month of February 2016 as the “Month of  Order.” He began to share on the importance of order in our lives, for the purpose of living out the message of the year: “When you want to see the grace of God producing results in your life, order must be an important factor in your life,” Pastor said.

“It is the Month of Order”, said the man of God Pastor Chris, “God does not tolerate disorderliness.” When you want to see the grace of God producing results in your life, order must be a part of your life. You must have order in your life; have order in your heart; bring order into:

  • Your life.
  • Your time of prayer
  • Your time for God

Take these seriously!

  • Set things in order in your life.
  • Your partnership with the Gospel is very vital.
  • Your giving in the house of God is important.
  • Meetings in the house of the Lord must be important to you, like the Communion Services.
  • It is important to give towards these meetings.

According to Pastor Chris, “there is a divine order and there is the human order.” In our environment and society the government dictates to us, what the order should be for us. Then there is divine order, which is from God, this is God’s order. For example giving of first fruits: The First-fruit is very important and is not a freewill offering, it came first and is more important than the tithe. This does not mean the tithe is not important, it is also important, but it is more important to God for you to give your first fruits.

It is also important to attend services in the house of God. You don’t go when you choose to or when you feel like it, thats disorder! You have to bring order into your life! Exodus 34:17-24: God is telling us about Priorities, order. He had already promised them the land but He said that they must do what He says, and then will He give them the land and chase their enemies away.

This year, for you to walk in prosperity, you have to follow God’s order so that the word of the year will come to pass in your life. Your prosperity is tied to your giving. Give the first-fruit and your offerings in the house of God.

Attendance of the communion services is very vital. There is nothing wrong in breaking bread on your own, but breaking of bread by the church takes priority. Prioritise the communion services this year. Plan to attend every communion service. God already promised us all things and said He will drive the enemies from your land, but there are some things that God will not do until and unless you start bringing His order into your life. The gathering of the brethren means a lot to God. Attending church services is very important, it is the guarantee of your prosperity, increase, peace, security and your growth. The more you grow in your Christian life, the more you will take church attendance seriously.

You must be in the Church of Jesus Christ. In the world, there are no individuals who came without connection to any family; in Christianity also, there are no individual Christians; we belong to a spiritual family, God does not have any freelance Christians.

If you are not doing what God says, when challenges come you will not know what to do, but when you have been walking with God and you come across any challenge, He will take charge because you have been doing what God told you to do.

This month “Get in Order!” Bring order into your life. When you do this, the month will turn into a month of laughter for you.

We have Yookos prayer times every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Take these seriously. Pray at the designated times, dont set your own times aside of those. When we are meant to fast, fast as announced and do not push your fast to another time. Take these instructions seriously. If you do these things nothing will stop your success, nothing will stop your growth and nothing will stop your approval before God.

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