The first episode of Going Places takes us to Newcastle, the third largest city in KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. After travelling for four and a half hours, the crew found themselves at The Black Rock Casino Hotel, which houses the local community radio 103.7. Going Places found out that the Community Radio Station is a platform for grooming young ambitious talents to become professional radio presenters. The Station Manager Andile Masondo who has been running the station for two years proudly said that ”Community radio had given birth to much young talent who went to become huge success stories at big radio stations such as SABC and Ukhozi FM.”

Mr Masondo went on to give us a brief history of how the city came to be named after the City of Newcastle of England. It is one of fifty-two cities around the world named after Newcastle in England. He further mentioned that some of the cities were named in their native languages for example Neuchatel in Switzerland and Shinshiro in Japan. Newcastle – South Africa was fortunate to have been chosen to host the world summit of all the Newcastle cities of the world in 2004 and 2010. Among the discussions were the cultural, social and economic exchanges. It is regarded as one of the cleanest cities in South Africa.

This Kwazulu-Natal town is a natural destination and departure point for travelers on the busy route between Durban and Johannesburg. Newcastle is significant as an excellent stopover on the Battlefield Route which works its way to the midlands of KwaZulu-Natal. The route is a comprehensive guide to the battles and events that took place in that part of the country. It also has a number of battlefield sites.

”Travelling makes you learn much more and Going Places is a program designed to bring such information to the comfort of your homes or to the palm of your hands through the mobile app.”