A nice river meanders curving its path through the landscape and green vegetation, the view from a distance looks magnificently spectacular. The scenery is just majestic and the eyes cannot blink. God’s power for amazing creation is so evident in this particular location. One would otherwise mistakenly think Going Places has gone overseas to some first world country but no, welcome to Mdatsane a high density suburb located in East London in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

In the third episode of Going Places we profile Nomalanga Mali who hails from Mdatsane, an ex-worker of Cecilia Makiwane Hospital, one of the largest referral hospitals in South Africa. The construction of the hospital is said to have started between 1971 and 1972.

After travelling for more than eight hours, Going Places arrived in Mdatsane, a township situated between East London and King Williams Town. Here the crew has the opportunity to speak to a lady now retired but had worked at Cecilia Makiwane Hospital for more than 30 years. It is the biggest hospital in the Eastern Cape and it was named after the first professional black nurse in South Africa.

Nomalanga Mali who started working at the hospital on December 26 1976 has witnessed a lot of transformation taking place at the health institution. She went on to narrate the history of the different states that existed during the apartheid era such as Transkei and Ciskei. People were required to produce passports to move from one state to another within South Africa. Such were the harsh laws of the apartheid regime. Black presidents ruled these states. Historically the Great Kei river formed the southwestern border of the Transkei region. The same bridge was called “iNciba” in Xhosa, a name that was apparently given by the Khoe-Khoen people, which means “ Great”.

Going places learnt that East London was part of Ciskei, and Umtata was the capital city of Transkei. Bisho is the provincial capital of the Eastern Cape.

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