Assent Tweed is a Gospel Artist, Music Minister, Music Arranger, Music Composer, Writer, Keyboardist and a Preacher of the Gospel through music. In his words: “I enjoy what I do because it is a gift from God.” Describing himself, Assent Tweed says he is the word of God personified, because everything that he is, and everything he knows about himself is all from the word of God.

“As a Music Minister, Firstly, know your calling. Secondly, recognize who you are in Christ and finally is Legacy; money comes after. When you put money before your calling, you will miss it. You are first called to deliver God’s message to people through that medium!”  

Assent Tweed says he grew up very naive to the things of God, but for the church attendance due to his dad taking him to church on Sundays. He avoided the children’s church, simply because he wanted to listen to the choir minister in the main church. His school days were also a bit tough, because he had to work as a kid to make ends meet, and at a point could not afford his fees at school, and had to repeat a grade. However, he eventually graduated from High School, and got to socialize a bit, an activity that was alien to him, because of the circumstances that surrounded him at that time. It was as a result of one of those social gatherings falling through, that he got to attend a Christ Embassy concert, and his life was changed from that day.