“One thing I have learnt in life is that: Success is a choice! And it’s something that you have to choose, you need to decide to be successful.” Thus states Linda Makhanya, a Fashion Stylist, who prefers to be called a “Tailor,” for reasons you will discover when you watch this episode of High Definition. High Definition is an autobiographical TV show where we interview people who have broken new grounds and changed their worlds. They get to tell their success stories in detail, from their childhoods till present.

Linda got his first real job in 2008 as the assistant fashion editor at Blaque Magazine. A few months after he started work at Blaque Magazine, the fashion editor resigned and Linda was promoted into his position.

I have always wanted better for myself, and believed better for myself, despite coming from a community were people were not so inspired.

Linda tells the story, of how he was being raised by a single mother, but due to tough conditions, had to go live with grandparents. He describes how his Grandparents were strict, and raised him up properly.

From a young age, I had always been conscious about how I dressed, and felt that as an African man, I had to take pride in my dressing.

Watch the video and get more inspiration, and very intriguing stories.



I get my inspiration from Africa. If you look at those days in the 60s, etc, men took really, really great pride in what they wore. So I am very inspired about that area, men wore well crafted suits… and the importance of them to look good in that era, was really important, because they had nothing much great for them, so they sought admiration through what they wore, it was a big deal for them.