High Definition is an autobiographical TV show where we interview people who have broken new grounds and changed their worlds. They get to tell their success stories in detail, from their childhoods to where they are now.

In this episode we get to interview Yvonne Katsande. Yvonne is a smart and determined lady; and has traits that have made her a success not only in Zimbabwe but beyond the borders. She believes passion and natural talent have attributed greatly to the success she currently is experiencing. She also advocates and encourages people to study for whatever career path they choose to follow. ”Education is key and it opens doors to many more thing,” she says.

In the second part of the video, Yvonne shares with us how her life changed when she got born again. Yvonne says one word that describes her is ‘’Phenomenal’’. She says, ‘’I am a phenomenal woman, so ‘’Phenomenal’’ is the only way you can describe me because phenomenal means a whole lot of things, all encompassed, all housed in that one word.’’

Watch the concluding video to see what more Yvonne has to say about herself: