Judge Lebogang Modiba is the guest on this episode of Insight For Living. Our host Zandile Makula speaks to the High Court Judge, as she shares the story of her journey.

In the first video, Judge Modiba educates us on what a Judge’s role actually entails. She says “The office of the Judge is a part of one of three arms of government. The government consist of three different arms being The Judiciary – where Judges belong, The Executive – made up of the President and all the Heads of Cabinet, as well as the Legislature- Members of Parliament. The Judge’s responsibility is to interpret and apply the laws made by Parliament and administered by the Executive. Judges play a very important role because we are the final arbiter on most issues.” Watch the video for more:

In the second part, Judge Modiba continues to share her journey with us: “The thing that my dad inspired me to do, was to get a degree from an Ivy League university. I caught that dream and behold in 2003 I was awarded a scholarship to go and study at Harvard University.  In 2005 I graduated from Harvard University.” Watch the video to learn more about her other achievements: