The word “Xenophobia” comes from the Greek words “xénos” meaning ‘the stranger’ and “phóbos”, meaning ‘fear’. Thus, xenophobia stands for ‘fear of the stranger’, but usually the term is taken to mean ‘hatred of strangers.’

Xenophobia can be understood as “an attitudinal orientation of hostility against non-natives in a given population”. It is said to be both a universal phenomenon and a set of reactions generated by anemic situations in the societies of modern states.

Our host Zandile Makula and her guests Pastor Sizwe Motsepe, Dr Justin Kaima and Martha Pule, talk about Xenophobia and it’s effects on our society. They share different solutions to this phenomenon and reaffirm the power of unity as Africans.

Xenophobia is not of God and the bible discourages any form of xenophobic attacks against foreigners. God created all of mankind in His own image and likeness, therefore it is our responsibility to treat all persons equally because we all hail from one source, which is God our heavenly Father. Leviticus 19:33 reads: “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them.” It is our collective responsibility as Africans to live together in love and unity without hate or violence because we are one big family. Watch the video for more.