The International Easter Youth Camp 2014 with Pastor Chris is an annual event that began on Thursday, the 17th of April, 2014 and ended a week later on the 24th of April, 2014. As over 200 delegates from all over the world participated in this unforgettable Easter Youth Camp program in Johannesburg, South Africa, palpable excitement filled with expectation and a peculiar hunger for the Word was the theme in the air. Many delegates, with high expectations at the camp, had all their desires met and they received increased grace to fulfill the call of God on their lives.


Camp for this year’s delegates was both exciting and spiritually uplifting. On the first day of the camp, delegates had the rare privilege of listening to Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, the Director of Church Ministry and Organization. Sharing on this year’s camp theme, “LIGHT YOUR WORLD”, Rev. Tom exhorted the delegates to embrace their responsibility to God and to the world in preaching the gospel. He also went on to describe three characteristics of light, stating that light is that which illuminates, describes or gives meaning and gives colour or beauty. That same Thursday night, several campers received salvation and the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues for the first time. What a glorious way to begin the week-long experience for all in attendance!

At the Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris, delegates from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mauritius, South Africa and Nigeria, to list a few countries, were treated like kings and queens. After a scrumptious breakfast, the delegates spent time praying and studying the Word together, sharing words that would inspire anyone that heard. One of the bus drivers, who transported delegates to an ice-skating ring for a fun-filled time on Friday, testified that he was inspired by the delegates’ reflection on the first night’s message while on his bus.

On Friday night, the delegates listened to a profound ministration by the Director of the BLW Teens’ Ministry, Pastor Biodun Lawal, who taught on the topic “Understanding 5 Levels of Relationships.” The faces of all delegates lit up as Pastor Biodun explained to them that their relationship with God was one of love, that they are the objects of God’s affection. He also discussed their relationship with Satan as his Master, with the world as its overcomer and with fellow men as their neighbours in showing mercy. The delegates were launched into a new level of excitement when they were told about their relationship with their own selves in knowing that they are who God says they are regardless of circumstances.

Indeed, it was an unforgettable experience for all the Easter Youth Camp delegates. From leisure times at the mall to a thrilling experience at the Gold Reef City Theme Park, the delegates are truly grateful to the man of God, Pastor Chris, for such an opportunity. The Campers were excited and looked forward to more of this awesome experience.