The Believers’ LoveWorld International Music Concert as always was a world-class event full of inspiration, colour and talent. The event was attended by guets from all over the world which included ministers, leaders and citizens of the BLW Nation. Each of the thrilling ministrations was simply transcendental, comprising of music, and art displays, capturing the attention of everyone present at the International Music Concert with Pastor Chris! It was a night of celebration, filled with fiery performances from globally renowned LMAM artistes, Sinach, Eben, Israel Strong, and much more. There have been extraordinary performances in dance, creative arts, and comedy beyond what words can describe, far exceeding any IMC prior to this one.


Attendees were elated and mesmerized in an atmosphere of divine glory as they responded with shouts of victory, singing along with artistes at every opportunity. What a display of the multi-dimensional beauty and graces of God. Enjoy excerpts in the featured videos, as well as pictures from the event.


Everything about the International Music Concert 2017 — the colorful lights, the guitar-inspired main stage and other elegantly decorated stages, the electrified crowd filling all corners of the LoveWorld Convocation Arena and more — reflected Heavenly beauty forever etched in the minds of everyone present.The man of God dancing with joy in an electrifying atmosphere.



The concert, hosted by the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry, took the thousands present on a journey of emotions; as they sang joyfully, shouted, screamed, cried and laughed. Every presentation was inspiring and excellently delivered, from perfectly choreographed dance ministrations to never-before-seen collaborations between globally renowned music ministers.

True to the scriptures, the glory of the latter house was greater than the former, because nothing compared to the climax of emotions and impartations that concluded the night. After the man of God and source of the inspiration for the International Music Concert, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, called for UR Flames’ hit track, ‘I Don’t Want this to End‘, it seemed the party only just began. Sinach, Eben, Jahdiel, several other LMAM artistes joined the BLW President, dancing with glee on the main stage.