The ISMMN Ministers Conference with the man of God, Pastor Chris which held from the 7th-9th of April 2014 was all of these and more, a special season of transformation and impartation in the lives of all the ministers who attended this glorious conference.

This phenomenal 3 day event saw over 4000 pastors, leaders and other ministers of the gospel from 95 nations and across all continents of the world converge in Johannesburg, South Africa, desiring that definitive encounter with the Spirit of God that would catapult them to greater levels in their lives and ministries.

The ministers came from different nations, denominations and congregations, but all were united in their desire to be taught by the Man of God, Pastor Chris and be equipped for greater impact in their nations and communities.
The countries represented at this glorious conference included the following – Angola, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bahrain, Belize, Benin, Bhuta, Botswana, Brazil, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Cyprus ,Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea Ethiopia, Fiji, France, Gabon, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Hong-Kong, India, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Arab-Jamahiriya, Malaysia, Martinique, Mauritius, Mozambique, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, South Sudan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

Anticipation for this conference was heighted and was also characterized by the number of international delegates who began arriving as early as 10 days before the event, seeking an opportunity to attend the ongoing International School of Ministry as well as the upcoming ministers’ conference.

A gathering of the nations!
On the first evening of the Conference, thousands of registered delegates poured into the program venue, their hunger clearly evident as they quickly filled out available spaces in the large auditorium. The atmosphere was electric and the sight breathtaking as the multitudes from different nationalities represented by their national colors and flags, were united into one holy assemblage, in fulfillment of scriptures concerning unity in the body of Christ. The highly anticipated conference began with a colorful opening ceremony and a roll call of nations, representing the 95 nations across all the continents present at the conference. With mounting excitement, the crowds cheered as they saw their national flags played and their anthems played on the large screens in the auditorium.

Music ministry from around the world.
The delegates were also treated to an inspiring array of music from different nations as music ministers gave several inspiring performances in international languages such as French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian and much more.

Doing Exploits through the word!
During the conference several opportunities were given to ministers from different nations around the world to share testimonies in their lives and ministries as a result of their encounter with the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, and since attending the previous year’s conference. Select ISM Cell Leaders were given the opportunity to give reports on the exploits of their cells in their various nations and localities from last year’s conference till the present time.

“I attended last year’s conference and it changed my life. It was not just the message but a special impartation which entered me and permeated into everything associated with me. Today, my ministry has experienced such phenomenal growth and progress; I can only attribute this to the anointing that I received from the Man of God, which has transformed my life forever I lead an ISM cell in New Delhi with several pastors and senior ministers as members. Together , we have distributed pastor Chris messages and influenced key members of parliament and senior ministers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!.” Pastor Zion Bepari, India

One after the other, they shared testimonies and exploits which could only have been accomplished by the power of Gods, Spirit to an enthralled audience. The conference also featured inspiring talk shows which saw several ministers, pastors and leaders from different nations give their own testimonies on the Impact of the message of the man of God, Pastor Chris in their personal lives.

The talk show sessions were deeply inspiring as well as informative as many in the audience were encouraged by the personal testimonies of other ministers whose lives were transformed by their encounters with the man of God, Pastor Chris, at the International School of Ministry.

“When I first attended the International School of Ministry, I was a pastor who suffered from low self esteem, as a result of a childhood illness which resulted in the loss of my left eye. Pastor Chris taught at an ISM class about our identity in Christ and for the first time in my life, I felt the fear, rejection and pain which had been in my heart for so long, dissipate and an indescribable joy and boldness about my relationship with Christ fill my heart. As a result of attending the school, my life and ministry have been revolutionized. In a space of 2 years, I now pastor a congregation of over 2000 members. Miracles, signs and wonders are an everyday occurrence. Glory to God! Pastor James Mania, Kenya..

Life Transforming Sessions with the Man of God!
The High points of this glorious minister’s conference were the life transforming sessions with the man of God, Pastor Chris. The arrival of the man of God into the hall was met with thunderous shouts of joy and great rejoicing by the ministers in the audience, knowing that they would receive words that would catapult them to greater levels in life and ministry.

With heighted anticipation and expectation, the ministers listened as the man of God expounded revelatory truths from Gods word and taught principles for a successful life and ministry in these inspiring daily sessions.
The man of God opened with this remarkable statement on success…

“The Lord knows the yearning of everyone’s heart. The Lord is more willing to make you a success in every area of your life more than you could ever be. Put your trust in Him and He will indeed make you a success”
Three Cardinal gifts of the Gospel.

In deeply impactful and inspiring teaching sessions, the man of God shared on the three cardinal gifts of the gospel, stating categorically that our understanding and revelation of these three gifts will help us as ministers in our view of God, ourselves, our relationship with others and how we carry the gospel to our world.

He highlighted these important gifts as follows-
I. Eternal Life
II. Righteousness
III. The Holy Spirit

He emphasized the need for ministers to preach the true gospel, not ideas because God is not obliged to honor ideas but the word of God. He reiterated that all of these gifts would work through the grace of God; the overflowing of God’s ability in us.

The Holy Spirit, more than an Influence.
On the subject of the Holy Spirit, the man of God stated that as ministers of the gospel, God knew the message he gave us would difficult to believe; that’s why we need the supernatural, we need the Holy Spirit in our lives.
He admonished the ministers not to walk as though they are alone. They should expect the supernatural to be part of work in ministry; otherwise their work will be hard. Miracles are the necessary credentials required by every minister of the gospel, to preach the gospel effectively.

He further expounded that we should recognize that the Holy Spirit is the power of our lives. With the Holy Spirit nothing is impossible. We cannot fulfill the ministry without him; our lives are empty without him.
When you recognize the Holy Ghost as a person, your Father and He lives in you, He becomes much more than an influence.

The Holy Spirit has come to live in each of us because we important to the Father. He has come to make you life fulfilled and full of Glory. He further admonished the ministers to take advantage of the presence of the Holy Spirit and He would guide us in all affairs of life.

Impacted to change the world for Christ!
As the conference came to a close, the man of God took time the time to minister to each of the 4000 ministers from 95 nations present at the conference. He ministered specially to all, calling nation after nation as ministers came forward and received that impartation of the Spirit that would cause them to become ambassadors of the same message that they have received, in their various nations and communities.

The ISMMN Conference stands out as a glorious move of the Spirit, designed to bring ministers together in fulfillment of scriptures and equip them to fulfill the divine mandate of taking the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all the nations of the world.

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