On the 25th of January 2016, the Spirit of the Law crew were informed by a group of young varsity students, who were part of a Christian gospel band, that they went to certain schools to minister as singers. Prior to the commencement of their ministration, they asked the students to close their eyes so that they could pray. The reaction they received from the teachers was not pleasant. The band was thereafter informed that prayer is banned in schools.

How could learners be denied the opportunity of prayers in their schools? Man is spiritual and it is impossible to live as a spiritual being and not commune with God.

In today’s episode, our core questions are:

  • Is prayer banned in schools in South Africa?
  • Will such a ban have any adverse effect on the upbringing of school learners?

The guest today is Dr. Jean Van Rooyen, the Gauteng Provincial Manager of FEDSAS, to shed more light on this very sensitive topic.