In this episode, Ada Ama-Njoku and her host Keabetswe Seate Associate at MNS Attorneys discussed the procurement laws in operation in South Africa and the scrutiny of tender applications.

They looked at some of the legislation that govern tenders starting with the Constitution. Keabetswe said that the legislation is industry specific but every tender is governed by the following principles:
  1. Fair;
  2. Cost effective;
  3. Transparent;
  4. Competitive;
  5. Equitable.
She further added that it is important that you understand what is required of you by every company or entity you are procuring from. Keabetswe touched and explained three fundamental aspects on which tenders are based which are: functionality; BEE; and  Price. She explained what makes a tender process defective and what recourse you as the applicant may have. Watch and learn more.