The Second Day of the LoveWorld Festival of Music and Arts started up with a beautiful Carnival procession alongside the beautiful sunny weather. The carnival procession showcasing different zones and ministry outreaches were ‘beyond imagination,’ with the Man of God himself dressed in a colorful costume-mask. Several Senior Pastors were also seen donning impressive and decorative attires.


The Man of God, Pastor Chris, enjoying the carnival.

According to Pastor Chris’ word, there was perfect weather, contrary to thunderstorm forecasts. The weather forecast for the day predicted thunderstorms in the region, but at the previous night’s concert, the man of God, Pastor Chris declared that we would have and enjoy a beautiful concert today. Several came to the Nasrec Expo Center prepared for rain, it was a perfect sunny weather at the LFMA 2015 Day II.

The carnival float at the LFMA 2015 was full of amazing surprises for everyone present. The extravagant splendor on display showed that, indeed, the Christian has nothing to desire in the world, as we have been given the very best in the ‘zoe-life’ for a fulfilling and exciting experience here on earth and after.

From gymnasts to mummers, living statues and stilt walkers, the float was replete with talent, performing to godly and inspiring music. Even more exciting for the audience were several Zonal Pastors, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome, Pastor Biodun Lawal, Pastor Karen Victor and more, leading their team marches.

View some pictures from the Carnival below:

During these activities, the kids were not left out, as there was fun and games in the Kid’s Zone at the LFMA. Check out some pictures from the Kid’s Zone below:

The Theme (Amusement) Park was also a highlight of the Festival, with several rides and attractions for the guests at the festival. Some pictures from the Amusement Park are below:

The LFMA indoor auditorium was a place of excitement and inspiration for many at the program, since it began. Holding every morning into afternoon, various BLW stars and upcoming acts seized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to minister in their unique gifts to a global audience.

The stage was ablaze with performances from around the world. The man of God, Pastor Chris paid a special visit to the auditorium; he and the CEC Members, along with several Senior Pastors, were treated to soul-lifting solos, band performances and fashion exhibits. Some pictures from the Indoor Concerts and Presentations are below:


There were also fashion shows, with presentations that included hair and clothing creations. The gallery below showcases some of them:

An ‘Artiste Meet-and-Greet’ with BLW celebrities such as Sinach, Sophiya, TB-1, Ada, Isaiah Samson, Chris Shalom and many more also featured at the Festival. See some pictures below:



Everyone at the Nasrec Expo Center from April 24 to 26 was constantly bombarded with the motivation to be and do all that they were purposed for. From enlightening talks with LMM all-stars such as Sinach, Ada, Isaiah Samson, CSO, Chris Shalom and more, to discussions with painters, sculptors and other such artists, everyone left feeling incited to greatness after each session.

There were also Cinema segments at the NASREC Centre during the festival. The video below has interviews at the Cinema for the viewing of the movie: ” Heart of Flesh” with a viewer, Ndaba Dube who acted as “James” in the movie and the Director of the movie Mr B.:


LFMA 2015 attendees were treated to electrifying performances at Outdoor Concert. The audience were awed by the spectacles they beheld. Beginning with T-Sharp’s electrifying rendition of the BLW Anthem, it was a night of top-class excellence in artistry.

Pastor Ose opened the evening session, stating that the LFMA was a unique event orchestrated and initiated by the Holy Spirit through our great Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. She referred to it as an opportunity to display the beauty and excellence of God resident in our Spirit. Watch her in the video below:

Worship ministers, such as Eben, Joe Praize, PU, and several others took the audience to heights of celestial bliss like they have never experienced in worship before. Various dance acts, drama and rap ministrations gave everyone something to shout about, while comedic acts had the auditorium roaring in kingly laughter.

The videos below show highlights of the Concert:

You can also view some pictures from the Outdoor Concert in the Photo Gallery below:

Day II of LFMA 2015 concluded with fireworks that were indescribable. You can view pictures of this below:

On their way out, guests were treated to music by an orchestra: