Glory! The man of God, Pastor Chris declared February to be the month of FOCUS. He read from the book of Joshua 1:1-9, highlighting the following points to the global audience.

1. God gave Joshua clarity of Purpose: In verses 2 to 4 of the above theme scripture, God got Joshua’s attention on the inheritance and the realm. The Lord was clear about the realm, so that Joshua would not do less than the required plan.

2. God called for Focus: Reading from verse 7, God instructed Joshua to “stay focused on the message” that He the Lord sent Moses to give him.

3. God called for full attention to the message: speaking according to it and being strong and courageous through fellowship with the Holy Ghost; highlighting from verse 8, God instructed Joshua not to turn to the left or to the right but to focus on the message and talk according to it. The scripture shows that the end result would be prosperity and good success.


Pastor Chris as led by the Spirit of God instructed the congregation to stay focused on the message. The man of God challenged the congregants to prove the Word by studying the Rhapsody of Realities daily, watching the DVDs and listening to Audio messages this month as they will be amazed at the results that will follow.

The Man of God went on to encourage the brethren to refuse any form of distractions this month. “It is the month of sowing into the Spirit”, he said. In closing, Pastor Chris admonished the global audience to keep focus, not just on the message being brought to them but also in their businesses and careers.

Hallelujah! It’s our month of Focus.

God bless you as you watch, and please remember to leave a comment below.