Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, stated that, “the LoveWorld Festival of Arts and culture first of all is primarily a gospel festival. It is a festival organized by Believers to showcase talents and to display the creativity of our kingdom, especially of our Nation, the Believers’ Loveworld Nation. It’s a festival of all sorts, talents, music, arts, dancing and all forms of creative arts.”

It is the biggest festival taking place in the whole world now.

And there are exhibitions of people with artworks, and fashion, and a whole lot.

He also spoke about how it is noteworthy that we spent time to pray for South Africa, and it’s leaders, and this has brought about a calming effect in the country, compared to before we prayed. He also mentioned how the BLW Nation brings people from all over the world to South Africa, bringing in revenue to the hospitality and complementary sectors of the economy.