You’ll receive;

  1. Guidance
  2. Counsel
  3. Focus
  4. Instruction
  5. Cause
  • Pray more in the spirit. When you pray in the Spirit, you receive knowledge and understanding. This shouldn’t be a once in a while thing for you; but always. When you do, you’ll receive counsel from within.
  • When you pray in tongues, the answers come to you. Jesus says, follow me and you won’t walk in darkness. We are children of light. So when things confront you, don’t pray like you don’t know the will of God; God never told us to just pray; we pray with direction.
  • The Bible says about God that, ”…to the pure, He is pure.” If you play hide and seek with God, He will also play hide and seek with you. But if you’re honest about the answers that you want, He will be quick to give you answers.
  • Don’t carry pain or stress in your life that you have no business carrying. When you do so, you’re only going to destroy your life.
  • Don’t allow anything stress your life. You can carry bitterness in your life and it’s killing you and you don’t know what the problem is with you. Bitterness can cause cancer, migraine aches, etc.
  • If you serve God with your heart plainly and put away selfish desires, you’ll be amazed… And then shall your health spring forth, and you’ll be healthy and sound. – If you’ve been going through difficulties, pray in tongues; and have your writing materials with you because God will give you answers as you pray and lead you to do the right things – the right thing will not bring dishonor, it will not bring confusion. 

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