On this continuing episode of Talking Solutions, we have Thandi and Sidney, joining our host – Deaconess Simphiwe – to discuss the legacy of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Talking Solutions is a show that brings Scripture-based solutions to life’s problems.

“When I speak about his name, I see a father, A World Leader, A Servant and A Torch-bearer” Thandi

Both guests share what they believe Nelson Mandela means to them as individuals. Thandi mentions that one of the things she learnt from him was that you cannot lead people with anger; that he decided not to allow the storm that should have been inside of him, to affect the people on the outside. They both believe that Mandela was God-sent, considering the situation he found himself with, and how he exceptionally handled that situation and the circumstances that the country was in during that period.

“I see him as a leader who took over a fragile situation, and handled it well”

Sidney recollects the effect that Nelson Mandela had on the 1994 South African Rugby Team, and the Rugby World Cup. He talked about how rugby was previously seen as a white peoples’ sport, but his involvement changed that notion. On the way Mandela fought for equality in the country, Sydney spoke about how that was scripture-based, and how he cannot find faults in most if not all of Mandela’s actions.

Watch the episode and learn a whole lot more about the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela.