Today on Talking Solutions, we interview Mama Dudu Moropa, as she talks about the influence and legacy of Nelson Mandela. Mama Dudu talks about even her own experience of Apartheid, and how the education that was given to Black students was different from that for white people. She also talks about a subject in school – Domestic Sciences – that was instituted to train students to become compulsory domestic workers.

“Nelson Mandela was a real politician, and a very good leader as well.”

Mama Dudu says that one of the major legacies of the late Nelson Mandela is the freedom of education for every South-African. Our host also reiterated the fact that Nelson Mandela said that he was fighting against White domination and against Black Domination. Nelson Mandela was awarded the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, for his work in the peaceful termination of the Apartheid regime, and also for laying the foundations for the new democratic South Africa.

“To me, Tata (Father/Papa) means a lot to me. Tata thought us to forgive, to love and to respect, above everything.”

Watch the video and hear about her thoughts and her personal experience with the Late Nelson Mandela.