On this episode of Phenomenal Woman, we talk to Kgopotso Nakin the founder of the New Life Centre. The New Life Centre for Girls was established in April 2005, it was established in response to the alarming rate at which children and women were involved in prostitution, human trafficking, poverty, lack of family structure and unemployment. The shelter rehabilitates children and women who are sexually exploited and trafficked in South Africa, as well as youth living on the streets by offering them accommodation.

According to Kgopotso, she started by literally going to the streets to speak to ladies that were selling themselves, and would stand one the side of the road in order to find out why they do the things they do, she would then see if she can offer them a better life, and would offer them these things at the cost of them leaving the life of prostitution.

She worked with the Salvation Army, to help get these people off the streets, but when the Salvation Army closed down their rehabilitation centre, she still wanted to make a difference, and thus started New Life Centre in 2005. One of the girls that Kgopotso Nakin helped, is now working at the new life centre and has gotten her life together, she narrates how this particular lady visited some time ago, driving a good car and living a good life. These are the things that motivate Kgopotso Nakin.

One of the people at the home – Tsholofelo Chauke – an 11 year old girl that came to the centre in the year 2014, was interviewed on the episode. She came to the centre because her mother did not have a place to stay, although her mother worked at the new life centre, her mother then stopped working at the new life centre and move to Johannesburg. Tsholofelo explains that living in the centre is great.

In Kgopotso Nakin closing remarks she prompts people to help those who are in need of some sort of salvation and not turn our back on these people. These people could be your success tomorrow.

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