In this episode, we pick up from where we left off previously. Our guest -Kgopotso Nakin – answers the question: “What makes a young girl leave her home to go into prostitution?”  Her answer: “usually somebody goes with some money to recruit a girl, they then lie that they are taking these children to school and to take care of them, instead they take them to be trafficked and use them for prostitution”. According to Kgopotso Nakin, the aim at New Life Centre is to bring these children out of this predicament and give them a new life.

In the new life centre, they are taught new skills and then they go out and get jobs. When the centre sees that the girl, as well as her family is becoming stable, they return them to their families, sometimes the centre approaches companies to sponsor some of these girls.

Chantel, one of the girls in the new life centre takes us around the home and explains that these girls are grouped into rooms based on their ages. According to Chantel, she came to the house in 2015, having previously stayed with her grandmother. This happened because her grandmother couldn’t work anymore, as she was retrenched. She then suggested that Chantell stayed back in the city to finish her schooling, and that was how she came to New Life Centre. According to Chantel, the transition was hard due to the fact that she was used to being with parents and around family, she states that she was carefree in a different environment as opposed to the centre where it’s different and there are a lot of kids that she would have to share with. Apparently, she has now got used to sharing with others and respecting them and their space.

One of the challenges that Kgopotso Nakin faces in this initiative that it costs a whole lot of money. Things such as the transportation to take the kids to school and the food they eat are also an issue.  As such she is still in search for assistance in these areas, others of which are their uniforms and clothes.

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