The Month of November has been declared the month of Strengthening by the President, Believers’ LoveWorld Incorporated, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. During the Global Communion service, Rev. Chris explained that this Month of Strengthening will be different, as Brethren of Christ Embassy will engage in Fasting and Prayer throughout this month. The fast will be held every Friday, and brethren will be expected to attnd a prayer service in their local assemblies at 5:00pm daily, before ending their fasts.

More information was also shared including preparedness for the 2014 International Pastors and Partners Conference in Lagos, Nigeria and that attendees of this conference should be worry free of the Ebola Outbreak which has plagued 3 West African Countries, as Nigeria has been declared Ebola Free.

LoveworldNews reporter – Inga Mzileni – was at the service, at Christ Embassy Randburg 2 in South Africa, and her report is in the video below:

Below is a report from the Pastor Chris Blog:

Glory to God! November is the month of Strengthening.

The Global Communion Service was a glorious one for us all as the Man of God through the leading of the Spirit declared November as the month of Strengthening. Reading from Luke 22:40-44, an angel appeared unto Jesus at the place of prayer strengthening him. Pastor Chris explained why the Angel, which is the Holy Spirit came strengthening Jesus – it was because the Lord Jesus was struggling for victory. He knew He had to win the battle that was posed before Him. This caused Him to pray even more earnestly, such that His sweats were like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

Also, reading from Matthew 26:41; the very words of Jesus which says that we should pray that we enter not into temptation; the Man of God expatiated on the reason for this statement to mean that when one’s flesh is weak, that is when one should pray more to gain dominance. The flesh will always lead one to do the wrong things and may cause one to go against the Word of God. Hence, the need to pray fervidly to dominate the flesh.

This is the month of Strengthening with a difference Pastor reiterated; outlining the three phases of strengthening:

1. Strength for the Journey: There is a long journey for your life and you need strength for the journey. Taking the reading from 1 Kings 19:7, Pastor gave insights of how an angel brought food to Elijah to strengthen him. Explaining the spirituality to this act: you need the food of the Word to help you. The Spirit of God is going to be strengthening you this month but you need to be a part of it. God is leading you in a certain way, so you can have strength for the journey.

2. Strength for the Battle: There are going to be battles and conflicts to fight, so you’re going to need strength for the battle. 2 Samuel 22:40 says, “You’ve equipped and clothed me with strength for the battle…”. The angel of the Lord equipped Jesus for the battle. The angel helped Him in the place of prayer. That’s where the angel meets you; in the place of prayer. This kind of strength is spiritual and it comes from the place of prayer.

3. Strength for the Times: We are in special times in God’s calendar. Looking at Daniel 10:14, we read of how Daniel’s strength dissipated when he saw the visions of what was to come. These are perilous times; put your faith and your trust in the Lord. Ensure that you’re firmly rooted in the things of the Spirit.

Having received this insightful message for the month, the Man of God as led by God’s Spirit gave us spiritual instruction to fast and come together to pray every Friday of the month. He admonished us to take this very seriously in November as the Lord is going to minister to us during these periods and strengthen us.