Commencing a most stirring message that revealed what authentic Christianity is, according to the scriptures, Pastor Chris said “Christianity is the manifestation, the outworking of divinity in a human person.” With the attention of participants around the world arrested and fixed on every word of the man of God, Pastor expounded on the importance of speaking the Father’s words as instructed by the Lord Jesus in John 6:38-39. It was an extraordinary expose, one that has, without a doubt, programmed and re-aligned the saints for a most effectual Christian life going forward.

Jesus said I came down from heaven. Your origin has nothing to do with your physical birth. Jesus didn’t say I came from Nazareth, he said I came from heaven and he declared it. Jesus came to do the will of the Father, the will of him that sent him.

Pastor Chris instructs BLW citizens to affirm new creation realities constantly. Reading from Titus 3:8, the man of God, Pastor Chris, emphasized the importance of making confessions according to God’s instructions and revelations of the new creation in scripture.

He said that everything he said came from the Father. We are to speak heavenly words. In Christianity, we do not live for ourselves. In Christianity, we have words given to us to speak.

“I couldn’t have what He [God] didn’t give me,” said the BLW President, exemplifying the talk-life of the winning Christian. In the featured video, Pastor speaks words of affirmation that model our conversation in spiritual things in this month and going forward.

“You cannot say you do not have good things in you because you are a new creation. The reason you are going through what you are today is because you have not acknowledged the good things that are in you. Some Christians are not effective because they have not acknowledged the good things that are in them. God has deposited marvelous things in you. Jesus lives in you by the Holy Ghost.”

“We are to hold fast our affirmation, keep saying it, don’t stop talking it. Say: I’m the righteousness of God in Christ He obtained eternal redemption for us. When he died, we died with him, when he rose, we rose up with him and that gave us eternal redemption. Jesus is our intercessor and our advocate.”

“In this month, you are going to practice seeing,” said Pastor Chris. Shouts of joy and excitement rent the air in churches and assemblies of BLW citizens around the world upon the announcement of November as ‘the Month of Seeing for Realities!’

The word of God says young men shall see visions and dream dreams. It was up to them to see visions. You can sit down and practice seeing visions. Change your mind, reprogram, refocus and realign. Practice seeing in this month and you will be amazed what God will do in your life. See your prosperity, see, you are a child of God. Practice seeing this month of November.

“You cannot stop healing from coming to the man who sees and hears and understands the Word of God,” Pastor said as he read from Matthew 13:13-15. The man of God instructed the brethren to set time aside this month to encourage visions of the Spirit as Abraham did and as Joshua was instructed in Joshua 6:1-2.

“As far as you can see, you will make it real in your life,” the BLW President said as he unveiled details of the Spirit’s inspiration for this glorious month.

Pastor Chris elucidated the practicality of this month’s message, referencing Joel 2 and the distinction made by the Spirit of God in saying “your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams.” As explained by Pastor, this means we have an important role to play; the visions God speaks of are not only those which he hands to us.

“See you’re prospering now; see you’re healthy and strong,” said the man of God in a most enlightening message.

“In Christianity…we speak from Him,” said Pastor Chris. Much of the riveting teaching by the man of God, Pastor Chris, during the November Global Communion Service was predicated
on a most instructive theme scripture, John 12:49, which reads “For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.”

The man of God went on to say that “in Christianity…we are given words to speak,” shedding light on the importance of our faith affirmations. You too can become a Master of Words as Jesus was, even as you watch and imbibe the message in the featured video.