Today on the professional we join Marc Halden, a top oil and gas marketer. Marc Halden’s experience in the oil and gas industry is very interesting, and he has had great moments, as well as been through quite difficult times handling the work associated with the industry. The oil and gas industry is usually divided into three major sectors: upstream, midstream and downstream. Marc says that because his company is a downstream supplier, and they supply majorly to the informal settlements due to the fact that they use a lot of gas, in their homes and in their daily lives. According to Marc Halden:

the difference with my kind of company and the big shots such as Sasol, Engen and BP is the fact they want us to go to their service stations, get oil and gas from there and sell it to those who are not able to access those service stations.”

Marc Halden says: “what gives us the competitive advantage is the fact that we supply the oil and gas to our customers at a better price range, this is why the big shots such as Engen and BP try to shut us down.” The system works by the fact that they sell based on the price of the international market price. Their whole purchasing power is controlled based on the international price of crude and the Rand/Dollar exchange rates.

Marc explains that there is, in fact, a huge monopoly in the gas industry. He thinks that there is a shortage of supply of gas and oil from the supplier to the end user, and this will not improve because the risk factors are too high, but he implies that there is hope in the form of African countries developing to become first world countries. Only then can African countries be able to handle the prevailing situations.