BLW President – Rev. Dr. Chris’ Oyakhilome Ph.D. D.D. made prophetic utterances and gave words of lifting, at the Mid-Year Thanksgiving Service in Lagos Nigeria on Sunday 26th June, 2016.

For any citizen of the BLW Nation who ever owned a copy of the CD, ‘A Prayer for You‘, one viewing could never be enough when watching the featured video excerpt from the Thanksgiving Service with Pastor Chris. Every poignant and divinely infused word of the Spirit is worth listening to over and over again.

The Lord will lead you into those ideas that will come to pass…for success, for victory, for prosperity, for the salvation of others,”

Pastor Chris announced, passionately pouring out the details of our next few months and years under the influence of a special blessing, pre-ordained by God Himself.

After reminding the audience of the special calling on a man of God to command the blessing of God upon His people, Pastor Chris said:

I call forth to come to you by free course all of the good things apportioned for you.” “There is lifting up for you in Jesus’ name,” he said.

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